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BBC News(0:57:00)
Live Latest as EU leaders agree Brexit delay 6 minutes ago
The Daily Telegraph(0:04:33)
Theresa May gambles on customs union vote as Boris Johnson reminds her of pledge to step aside
Robert Mueller recommends no new criminal charges as he ends Russia probe into Donald Trump
Jeremy Hunt seeks to woo Tory MPs at private dinner as he is nicknamed 'continuity May'
Seven police officers sent to remove four women from 'inclusive' talk on transgender issues
Emmanuel Macron wades into row over whether French soldiers can 'open fire' on yellow vests 
Rocketman first look: Taron Egerton's Elton John biopic could be bigger than Bohemian Rhapsody
Critical flaw could let hackers control lifesaving devices implanted in 31,000 British patients
Europeans who love freedom cannot understand Britain's hesitation in leaving the EU
Women take to the front line as desperate Isil fights to the end
Libby Squire's death being treated as 'potential homicide', police confirm
Police chief becomes first to back statutory duty of care on social media
Hope stirs in Hardware City as Donald Trump's regeneration plan spurs investors
Disease stalks cyclone disaster zone as the world scrambles to fly more help in
Uri Geller threatens to stop Brexit telepathically if Theresa May refuses to
Mozambique residents continue to wait for aid after Cyclone Idai
Chinese chemical plant explosion kills 47, injures 640
'There's still a lot of space in hell', says Tusk
New Zealand broadcasts Muslim call to prayer on mourning day
England given countless reasons to smile as absentee Manchester United stars will ponder their positions
Peter Beardsley charged by FA with using racially-abusive language towards Newcastle youth players
Mail Online(23:34:38)
Jill Dando's murder, the untold story: 20 years on, fresh witness accounts raise disturbing questions as reconstruction reveals how crime scene was contaminated after she was shot 'clutching keys'
Furious Brexiteers cause motorway chaos across UK as they organise lorry go-slow at rush hour after leaving date is postponed and it's revealed MPs could be allowed vote on second referendum or CANCELLING exit
Robert Mueller has handed his report on Trump and Russia to attorney general William Barr - who will now decide how much is made public
Chris Eubank's boxer nephew, 28, is jailed for 15 months over 80mph police chase - despite failing to turn up for court 'because he had DIARRHOEA'
Mother-of-one, 24, choked to death when she tried to see how many Jaffa Cakes she could fit in her mouth for a party trick
Is Liam Gallagher's fashion empire set to slide away? Star's Pretty Green brand could become the latest victim of the High Street bloodbath as it 'prepares to appoint administrators next week'
Thought you were broke! Boris Becker lives in a £5million riverside penthouse and drives a £60,000 Mercedes two years after declaring bankruptcy
The Queen's former press secretary admits he was unimpressed by Meghan Markle's 'very American' and 'a bit over-the-top' $500,000 New York baby shower 
Neighbours hear 'gunshots' before 'dementia-suffering' former mayor and ex-Tory councillor husband, both 81, are found dead in suspected murder-suicide at £750,000 house in Home Counties town 
Police arrest two men after windows were smashed at five mosques in a night of carnage that left worshippers too frightened to take their children to prayers 
'I will telepathically stop Brexit!': Illusionist Uri Geller vows to stop Theresa May taking Britain out of the European Union
EXCLUSIVE: 'Sensitive' Prince Charles is telling Meghan and Harry to 'soldier on' in face of their critics and drawing on his own marriage with Diana for advice to them, filmmaker reveals
'Meghan can't have it all': Royal author warns the Duchess must realise she can't 'live like an A-lister' while enjoying the privilege of her role - and insists it's crucial to the monarchy's survival
Meghan WILL follow royal tradition and give birth at the Lindo Wing, a royal source claims - amid speculation she might shun the hospital for one closer to her new home in Windsor
Libby Squire's death IS being treated as murder, say police after student's body was found washed up in docks
Police swoop to arrest ten 'jihadists' in Germany who were 'plotting to use a car and guns to kill as many people as possible'
Massive Android ad fraud scam drains your phone battery and lets advertisers make money by running hidden video ads, report finds
Louis Tomlinson's step-dad Mark breaks his silence after daughter Félicité's dies at 18 and admits he's 'totally and utterly heartbroken'
Ireland's Justice Minister claims suspect package found in Irish sorting office is 'missing' fifth bomb sent by the 'New IRA'
The bottom line on my 'new' curves: Botox. Fillers. HRT. And a soaring libido... with hilarious candour, CAROL VORDERMAN (aged 58 - yes, really!) reveals the formula behind the figure that cynics said simply didn't add up 
The Guardian(0:04:34)
Exclusive Secret Cabinet Office document reveals chaotic planning for no-deal Brexit
'Hope dies last' Fatalism among EU leaders grows
3.5m signatures Revoke article 50 petition hits new milestone
'Fall on your sword' MPs call for May to go as Brexit deal faces third defeat
May tells Johnson I won't step aside to solve crisis
Report Special counsel delivers findings of Trump-Russia inquiry
Comey Ex-FBI chief hopes Trump will not be impeached
Mueller report What does it say and what does it mean for Trump?
Who is Mueller? The 'pain in the ass' who took on Trump?
Islamic State Kurdish forces dispute White House claim Isis is eliminated in Syria
France Troops drafted in to prevent further gilets jaunes violence
'The water took everything' Buzi evacuees tell of Cyclone Idai ordeal
North Korea Donald Trump lifts latest sanctions
Ghana At least 60 die as two buses collide in Bono East
Canada Driver who caused crash that killed 16 gets eight years in prison
Germany Police arrest 10 people on suspicion of terror plot
Italy 'Bunga bunga' witness not killed with radioactive poison
Venezuela's revolution of hunger A photo essay
'It has to create a new morality' #MeToo finally reaches K-pop
The long read Dirty lies: how car industry hid truth about diesel emissions
The Independent(11:30:26)
'Increasingly absurd': Johnson attacks Russia on mission to ensure EU is on side
Vladimir Putin seals fourth election term, but hints it may be his last
Footage shows 'horrific conditions' endured by chickens in egg farm
Retired four-star general says Trump is 'serious threat to US security'
London Mayor accused of ‘lip service’ as rough sleepers face eviction
London woman named world's best teacher with $1m prize
Man 'who had been asked to leave' drives car into nightclub in Kent
Former CIA director brands Donald Trump a 'disgraced demagogue'
Hawking predicted 'end of the universe' just before dying
Thousands across Europe march in protest against racial discrimination
Richard Dawkins complains people keep thinking he's Stephen Hawking
Brexit Committee bitter row over plan to delay EU withdrawal
UK has further anti-Russia steps up its sleeve – including ditching World Cup
Turkish forces seize control of Afrin and tear down Kurdish statue
Hundreds flee homes in Australia as fires started by lightning rage
France's position on the Salisbury nerve agent attack explained
Donald Trump Jr's wife Vanessa files for divorce
NRA sues over Florida's brand-new gun control law
Vladimir Putin suggests Jews could have meddled in US elections
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60x PM may allow MPs to vote on SEVEN options - including a second referendum and cancelling Brexit - if her deal fails next week, sparking fury from Leavers who brand plot a 'national humiliation'
34x 'Dismal' May's appeal falls flat as EU seizes control of exit date
29x Europeans who love freedom cannot understand Britain's hesitation in leaving the EU
29x Tory MPs want you to quit over Brexit, chairman of the 1922 committee tells May
19x The Queen's former press secretary admits he was unimpressed by Meghan Markle's 'very American' and 'a bit over-the-top' $500,000 New York baby shower 
18x How Macron seized control of the fate of Brexit from May's hands – as the EU facade of unity started to crack
16x 'Meghan can't have it all': Royal author warns the Duchess must realise she can't 'live like an A-lister' while enjoying the privilege of her role - and insists it's crucial to the monarchy's survival
16x 'One last chance' What the UK papers say
16x Live Latest as EU leaders agree Brexit delay 6 minutes ago
15x The 'No Deal' survival guide: From house prices and healthcare to food and foreign travel, ROSS CLARK reveals the truth about what Brexit without a deal would REALLY mean 
13x European media EU's plan to counter UK's Brexit 'chaos' praised
12x Is Emmanuel Macron Tony Blair's agent provocateur to ensure Brexit fails?
10x 'Hope dies last' Fatalism among EU leaders grows
10x May warns MPs they face 'moment of decision' after EU agrees just a TWO WEEK Brexit delay until April 12 before Britain crashes out if her deal fails again... but that UK can stay in bloc until May 22 if she finally gets it through
10x TWO MILLION sign petition to cancel Brexit: Celeb Remainers Hugh Grant, Annie Lennox and Professor Brian Cox back campaign to avoid No Deal (but other names look like they've been added from North Korea and Afghanistan)
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