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BBC News(23:25:19)
Live Facebook chief takes the blame Last updated 1 minute ago
The Daily Telegraph(19:40:04)
Britain risks 'disorderly' Brexit, Michel Barnier warns after EU rejects Theresa May's Irish border solution
Windrush scandal being used to undermine fight against illegal immigration, says Amber Rudd
US stocks sag as Donald Trump blasts Opec
Boris Johnson says Britain will support Zimbabwe to return to Commonwealth if elections are fair
The Bridge's Sofia Helin on the making of the last ever series: ‘I feel I am at the end of a marathon’
Lords’ Brexit meddling could produce an outcome that nobody voted for
Mary Berry: I was arrested at the airport and put in a cell
Daughter of Holby City actor 'first to die' from taking new party drug 2CP, court hears
Chinese military 'challenged Australian warships in the South China Sea'
The Pacific Commonwealth islands on the front line of the plastic waste crisis
Banker ran out of his home in his underwear to tackle moped-riding thief trying to rob his Mercedes
Oxford University tips off police in attempt to end the 'inconsiderate and entitled' tradition of 'trashing'
e-Golf competition: Enter to win Volkswagen’s new electric car
Why MS Dhoni is an IPL myth
What caused the Southwest Airlines tragedy and what are the risks of something similar happening again?
Jose Mourinho asked about Arsene Wenger's decision to leave Arsenal: 'We will show him the respect he deserves'
Claus Lundekvam on his road to recovery: 'I've tried to kill myself twice. Cocaine and alcohol controlled every second but now I'm giving hope to others'
Senior Porsche manager arrested in connection with Dieselgate scandal
Nissan to lay off hundreds of workers at Sunderland plant
Barclays boss Jes Staley fined by City watchdogs over whistleblowing scandal
Mail Online(19:40:08)
EXCLUSIVE: Tragic TV star Dale Winton is seen on CCTV shuffling into an Italian restaurant looking tired and drawn for dinner with friends - just four days before his death
How a young couple on just £30,000 between them bought their first home for £220,000 before turning 21 WITHOUT help from the 'bank of Mum and Dad' (by giving up nights out and living on beans and noodles for a year)
EXCLUSIVE: £100k gipsy funeral for burglar who was stabbed to death by pensioner procession WILL go past the house where he died
Viagra can now be bought prescription-free for as little as £5 a pill but would YOUR man try it? Here, eight men (and one girlfriend) reveal all
Charles gets the nod: Prince WILL be next Head of the Commonwealth as group's leaders agree he should succeed the Queen 
Englishman who contracted the 'world's worst recorded case of super-gonorrhoea after a one-night stand in south east Asia (despite having a girlfriend) has been CURED
Ferne McCann takes her baby to visit her acid attacker ex Arthur Collins in prison after he won legal battle to see his daughter
Passengers who nearly died on Southwest Flight 1308 are offered just $5,000 each and a $1,000 travel voucher
'I tried to pull but I wasn't strong enough': Female passenger seated next to woman sucked out of Southwest plane speaks out
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and London Mayor Sadiq Khan make it on to the Time 100 people of the year list - alongside Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson
Pictured with a glass of wine: British Airways pilot who was hauled out of cockpit by armed police 'when he was four times over the alcohol limit'
Haunting video shows two sisters laughing at family BBQ... 30 minutes later one was dead: British engineer tells how masked gunman turned reunion into bloodbath in South Africa
Nasa will have a space station that will orbit the moon in 2025 to act as an outpost for astronauts travelling to Mars
Terrifying moment thug sprayed aspiring model and her cousin with acid in random and unprovoked assault that drove them to brink of suicide, as attacker is jailed for 16 years
How Trump raged when advisor humiliated him in front of Theresa May by saying she wasn't first world leader to call president - it was PUTIN
Democratic Party SUES Trump campaign, WikiLeaks and Russia over claims they colluded to disrupt 2016 presidential election
Trump talked about jailing journalists to stop leaks saying 'they spend a couple of days in jail and they're ready to talk'
Nobel Prize academy admits 'unwanted intimacy' took place within its ranks following string of resignations over sex abuse scandal
Amber Rudd told the PM she would give officials greater 'teeth' to track down and deport illegal immigrants months before the Windrush scandal broke, leaked memo reveals
Window-fitter burnt his £320,000 marital home to the ground over 'unfair' divorce - then tried to kill himself
The Guardian(19:40:05)
Trump summit North Koreans in the dark â€" but officials know 'he's crazy'
US Democrats Party sues Russia, Wikileaks and Trump campaign over election disruption
Comey memos Mystery world leader Trump failed to call for six days revealed to be … Putin
Brexit EU rejects Irish border proposals and says talks could still fail
UK Warning Brexit divorce bill could surpass £39bn
Hungary Crackdown prompts Soros's Open Society to quit Budapest
Arsène Wenger Fear of sack persuaded manager to walk away from Arsenal
Canada Uproar after homeopath gives boy pill made from rabid dog's saliva
Windrush row Home secretary boasted of harsher immigration strategy, leak reveals
The Commonwealth Prince Charles to be next head
Catalonia France's ex-PM Manuel Valls could stand for mayor of Barcelona
Murder most fowl Oxford dodo 'shot in the back of the head'
Yanis Varoufakis Marx predicted our present crisis â€" and points the way out
'You had me at Prince' Meghan: A Hollywood Princess by Andrew Morton â€" digested read
Time 100 Millie Bobby Brown becomes youngest to make influential people list
My naked villany Top judge to preside over London trial of Richard III
Myanmar 'Untouchable' army under fire over torture and murder claims
Toxic neighbour Monsanto and the poisoned town
'Au revoir Arsène, et merci' Fans on Wenger's Arsenal departure
Rugby union Shields asks for New Zealand release in order to play for England
The Independent(11:30:26)
'Increasingly absurd': Johnson attacks Russia on mission to ensure EU is on side
Vladimir Putin seals fourth election term, but hints it may be his last
Footage shows 'horrific conditions' endured by chickens in egg farm
Retired four-star general says Trump is 'serious threat to US security'
London Mayor accused of ‘lip service’ as rough sleepers face eviction
London woman named world's best teacher with $1m prize
Man 'who had been asked to leave' drives car into nightclub in Kent
Former CIA director brands Donald Trump a 'disgraced demagogue'
Hawking predicted 'end of the universe' just before dying
Thousands across Europe march in protest against racial discrimination
Richard Dawkins complains people keep thinking he's Stephen Hawking
Brexit Committee bitter row over plan to delay EU withdrawal
UK has further anti-Russia steps up its sleeve – including ditching World Cup
Turkish forces seize control of Afrin and tear down Kurdish statue
Hundreds flee homes in Australia as fires started by lightning rage
France's position on the Salisbury nerve agent attack explained
Donald Trump Jr's wife Vanessa files for divorce
NRA sues over Florida's brand-new gun control law
Vladimir Putin suggests Jews could have meddled in US elections
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26x EU rejects May's Brexit Irish border solution as doubts grow over whether UK can leave customs union
23x Britain's hopes to strike post Brexit trade deals globally could fall apart as the EU plays hard ball on the Irish border amid warnings from Barnier that negotiations could fail
13x Pale, gaunt and 'antsy' Prince is seen in his doctor's office a day before his death and his assistant is seen on multiple trips to Walgreens to collect pills in new videos of the star's final hours
12x Lords’ Brexit meddling could produce an outcome that nobody voted for
11x Charles gets the nod: Prince WILL be next Head of the Commonwealth as group's leaders agree he should succeed the Queen 
11x TOM UTLEY: It's not Italy's fault I can't speak Italian. So why do we pander to people who don't understand English? 
9x Mary Berry: I was arrested at the airport and put in a cell
9x My brand new £700,000 house stinks! Homeowner fed up with the smell of SEWAGE in the garden of his Surrey home thanks to the 11 drain holes takes drastic action to shame the developer
8x 'Thish ish your pilot shpeaking'...British Airways pilot who was 'four times over the alcohol limit when he tried to fly with 300 passengers' was hauled out of the cockpit by armed police
8x Brexit EU rejects Irish border proposals and says talks could still fail
8x British tourist drops dead from a heart attack while watching girls at a Thai strip bar
8x Rough night? Moped thief who was tackled by rugby playing banker in his boxers sports two black eyes in his police mugshot as he is locked up for crime spree
8x Scientists solve 350-year-old mystery of how the world's best-preserved dodo skeleton was killed... it was blasted in the head and neck with a shotgun 
6x Haunting images show the inside of Prince's Paisley Park compound including the elevator where he overdosed on Fentanyl - with bundles of cash, drugs and a bag labelled 'opium' inside his vault
5x Are YOU a spelling whizz? Put your knowledge to the test with this tricky 20-question quiz - and the creator claims you need an IQ of 149 to score full marks
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