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BBC News(19:13:21)
Live Trump and Putin's landmark meeting Last updated 9 minutes ago
The Daily Telegraph(22:50:55)
Terrible translations of Brexit White Paper make UK a laughing stock in Brussels
Chief whip faces calls to quit after he is accused of lying over critical Brexit vote
Tour de France 2018, stage 12: Geraint Thomas makes history on Alpe d'Huez as Welshman extends overall lead
Gordon Ramsay's worst nightmare: the saga of Amy's Baking Company
Baby left in back of carjacked Audi is dropped at Birmingham health centre by thieves
Why the Irish backstop issue is the Brexit poison pill that cannot be swallowed by any side
GP 'ordered Chechen hitman to kill his financial adviser' after losing £300,000 from pension pot
Boris Johnson’s speech exposed Theresa May’s betrayal of Brexit ideals, which must be restored
Macron's senior aide filmed 'beating' protester
Steam pipe bursts in Manhattan
Thomas the Tank Engine land train stolen as police hunt 'mystery Scotsman'
Cannabis perfume 'set to become the scent of the summer'
US couple win damages from Florida mayor threatening to seize home painted in style of van Gogh
Virgin Media attacks 'dinosaur' BBC as four million homes face UKTV blackout in fees row
Egyptian archaeologists reveal contents of mysterious giant sarcophagus in Alexandria
Gianfranco Zola returns to Chelsea as Maurizio Sarri's assistant 
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain expected to miss entire season in huge blow to Liverpool and England 
Ben Stokes to play in first India Test even though it finishes day before his court case
Russian warship ‘carrying £100 billion in gold’ discovered off South Korea
Rags to riches, humour, titles - so why is Novak Djokovic strangely unloved at SW19?
Mail Online(22:57:02)
Mysterious black granite sarcophagus is finally OPENED: Mummified corpses of ancient Egyptian soldiers with cracked skulls are found bathed in sewage 
Reckless biker is jailed after filming himself speeding at 189mph - the highest ever clocked by a motorbike on British roads
Frantic mother screams 'My baby, my baby!' and desperately tries to cling to her Audi as carjackers steal it from her driveway with her four-week-old daughter still strapped in the back
Royal Mail shareholders revolt over bumper £6m pay package for new boss who may only spend one day a week in UK
Mother who was jailed for 20 years for murdering her newborn baby with a pair scissors has conviction QUASHED on appeal after top judges rule she should have faced infanticide charge 
Would we all be better off working four days a week? New Zealand company claims trial was a success with NO loss of production (and much happier staff)
EU President Jean-Claude Juncker 'is a drunk who binges on GIN instead of water at meetings', leaving his aide - nicknamed 'the monster' - running the Commission, shock new account claims 
Theresa May arrives to visit the Irish border for the first time since the EU referendum and flies straight into a Brexit row as Sinn Fein says her trip is 'too little too late'
Dublin threatens to BLOCK British planes from flying over its airspace if May does not meet EU's Brexit demands as PM visits Irish border
IMF warns no-deal Brexit will wipe $250bn off EU economy - with Ireland suffering the worst - amid fears of havoc at borders
Tory chief whip Julian Smith is under mounting pressure to QUIT after Tory MP accuses him of LYING to Theresa May and cheating in knife-edge Brexit vote 
Revealed: Theresa May's Brexit mandarin Olly Robbins was paid a £20,000 bonus last year
Class warfare: More than 130 desperate parents with chairs and flasks of tea queue from 3AM to battle to bag a slot for their children at their primary school's breakfast club 
The story that will enrage every non-millennial: 21-year-old New York intern reveals how her family pay her a $1,100 allowance PLUS her rent and college tuition - and there's plenty left over for Hamptons trips and $23 avocado wraps
International manhunt is launched after British man, 55, was shot in the head outside an Amsterdam cafe by 'hitman from the UK in gang feud'
Equality chiefs to take multi-millionaire landlord to court for kicking out four single mothers from his properties - after he caused outrage by banning 'coloured' tenants because of 'curry smell'
Britain's crime crisis IS real: Killings soar to highest level for TEN YEARS and knife crime surges to seven-year high - while police get worse at charging suspects
Mother-of-one in her 20s is stabbed to death outside her family's restaurant in west London as horrified neighbours say crime is 'spiralling out of control'
Now catch the other one! Mother begs public to help put moped mugger named 'Ghost' behind bars as his 'evil' accomplice is jailed for 35 years after killing her son for his £7,000 Rolex
Judge urges people NOT to give money to rough sleepers as he jails Spice dealer who was caught with £800 in lose change from members of public
The Guardian(23:03:00)
Breaking newsTrump wants to invite Putin to US later this year, White House says
Trump-Putin White House urged to give full account of talks
Trump President now claims he was 'very strong' with Putin
Israel EU leads criticism of Jewish 'nation state' law
'One more racist law' Reactions as Israel axes Arabic as language
Brexit Barnier welcomes Raab by stressing urgency of Irish border deadline
Chief Brexit adviser May signed off five-figure bonus for Robbins
Amazon tribe Footage of sole survivor emerges
Espionage UK intelligence and police using child spies in covert operations
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's remarks on Holocaust denial 'irresponsible'
Egypt Huge sarcophagus found to contain three mummies
Catalonia Spanish court drops international warrant for Carles Puigdemont
Google Donald Trump lambasts EU over $5.1bn fine for tech giant
YouTube FamilyOFive 'pranksters' banned after child abuse conviction
US immigration Aid group rejects donation from Salesforce over its links to US border agency
'I want everyone to be happy' How Rob Reiner became a great director â€" and a political hero
Rebecca Ferguson on Mission: Impossible
'It destroyed the girl she was' The toll of pregnancy on Paraguay's children
Drake Why the rapper fell in love with the UK (and vice versa)
Elephant in the room? Democrats 'less inclined to cheat on spouses than Republicans'
The Independent(11:30:26)
'Increasingly absurd': Johnson attacks Russia on mission to ensure EU is on side
Vladimir Putin seals fourth election term, but hints it may be his last
Footage shows 'horrific conditions' endured by chickens in egg farm
Retired four-star general says Trump is 'serious threat to US security'
London Mayor accused of ‘lip service’ as rough sleepers face eviction
London woman named world's best teacher with $1m prize
Man 'who had been asked to leave' drives car into nightclub in Kent
Former CIA director brands Donald Trump a 'disgraced demagogue'
Hawking predicted 'end of the universe' just before dying
Thousands across Europe march in protest against racial discrimination
Richard Dawkins complains people keep thinking he's Stephen Hawking
Brexit Committee bitter row over plan to delay EU withdrawal
UK has further anti-Russia steps up its sleeve – including ditching World Cup
Turkish forces seize control of Afrin and tear down Kurdish statue
Hundreds flee homes in Australia as fires started by lightning rage
France's position on the Salisbury nerve agent attack explained
Donald Trump Jr's wife Vanessa files for divorce
NRA sues over Florida's brand-new gun control law
Vladimir Putin suggests Jews could have meddled in US elections
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44x Terrible translations of Brexit White Paper make UK a laughing stock in Brussels
24x EU President Jean-Claude Juncker 'is a drunk who binges on GIN instead of water at meetings', leaving his aide - nicknamed 'the monster' - running the Commission, shock new account claims 
22x Russian spy offered sex for access and was praised for 'upstaging Anna Chapman', US prosecutors claim
20x 'Crazy' President discussed letting Putin interrogate diplomat
19x Is this Trump's pivotal moment?
17x How a thief can crack your alarm in just SECONDS: Reformed house burglar reveals the tricks of breaking into homes
16x EXCLUSIVE: Inside the plush London penthouse where tragic socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson lay dead for five days - as it's revamped and sold for £2.3m
15x 'I told you so!': Trump blasts the EU for 'slapping $5bn fine on one of our great companies, Google' - days after describing Brussels as 'a foe'
15x Pensioner who flew into a rage at stewardesses and demanded to confront pilot when he was denied a BACON ROLL on TUI flight is fined £230 
14x ‘The rule was no sex on TV, and she did that within a week’: What it’s like to watch your child on Love Island
14x Trump President now claims he was 'very strong' with Putin
13x Why have men stopped offering pregnant women a seat? NATASHA PEARLMAN Reveals the challenges of the past eight months of her pregnancy
12x EXCLUSIVE: 'Don't feel sorry for Thomas Markle - feel sorry for Meghan.' Close friend of Duchess claims father's heart surgery was 'all made up' to generate sympathy after embarrassing staged photos
12x Turkey 'Suffocating climate of fear' despite end of state of emergency
11x Equality chiefs to take multi-millionaire landlord to court for kicking out four single mothers from his properties - after he caused outrage by banning 'coloured' tenants because of 'curry smell'
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