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1. Lavrenty Beria: The murderer, who built USSR's nuclear bomb Pravda.Ru
2. Bangladesh MP 'hired eight lookalikes' to sit university exams Aljazeera.Net
3. Blacklist: Many Muslims listed by World-Check without evidence Aljazeera.Net
4. Delay in return 'boosts ISIL recruitment' in Philippines' Marawi Aljazeera.Net
5. Don't Trust Trump! Pravda.Ru
6. Erdogan's lack of sleep becomes a very serious problem to many Pravda.Ru
7. Europe may force Russia reinstate death penalty Pravda.Ru
8. Israeli PM Netanyahu's pre-corruption trial hearings begin Aljazeera.Net
9. Johnson braces for rough ride over Brexit deal Aljazeera.Net
10. Thousands rally in Sudan, call for Bashir party to be disbanded Aljazeera.Net
11. 'Change the system': Lebanese protesters tell the government Aljazeera.Net
12. 'We've been neutral for years': Dilemma of Syrian Kurds in Turkey Aljazeera.Net
13. Bolivia election: Voters cast ballots amid climate of uncertainty Aljazeera.Net
14. Canada's Justin Trudeau wins a minority government - what next? Aljazeera.Net
15. Canada: 'An election about nothing' leaves many uninspired Aljazeera.Net
16. Chile protests: What prompted the unrest? Aljazeera.Net
17. Daughter of Putin's former employer to take part in Russian presidential election Pravda.Ru
18. Fiery protest erupts as Bolivia says Morales near outright win Aljazeera.Net
19. Global alert: Our sick and bloated children Pravda.Ru
20. Indian curse starts destroying America today Pravda.Ru
21. Indonesia's Widodo appoints archrival as defence minister Aljazeera.Net
22. Israel's Benny Gantz: Political novice trying to oust Netanyahu Aljazeera.Net
23. Johannesburg's black mayor quits post after race row Aljazeera.Net
24. Justin Trudeau wins second term in hard-fought Canada election Aljazeera.Net
25. Putin will make Russia great again, because the West cannot tame him Pravda.Ru
26. Russia has made just a few humble steps in the Gulf that belongs to someone else Pravda.Ru
27. Russia has something to counter USA's global strike Pravda.Ru
28. Russia introduces new money for the first time in eight years Pravda.Ru
29. Thai king strips consort of all titles in shock move Aljazeera.Net
30. The Weinstein story and the male chauvinist pig Pravda.Ru
31. Trump slammed for calling impeachment inquiry a 'lynching' Aljazeera.Net
32. Trump, Jones, the NFL, and the new McCarthyism Pravda.Ru
33. Trump: Republicans must 'get tougher' against impeachment inquiry Aljazeera.Net
34. Turkey suddenly backpedals on its alliance with Russia Pravda.Ru
35. Turkey, Russia reach deal for YPG move out of Syria border area Aljazeera.Net
36. Turkish FM: Operation to resume if Kurdish forces do not withdraw Aljazeera.Net
37. UN investigator: 11 million North Koreans are undernourished Aljazeera.Net
38. USA will perish if China turns to European Union Pravda.Ru
39. Why in 2019 a new crisis in Europe will blow up Pravda.Ru
40. 'A tsunami': Green Party makes historic gains in Switzerland vote Aljazeera.Net
41. 'No one wants war': The morning after Turkey-Russia talks Aljazeera.Net
42. 'Secured the oil': US troops stay behind to guard oilfields Aljazeera.Net
43. 'The people are one': Lebanese unite against political elite Aljazeera.Net
44. A mirror, a sword and a jewel: Japan prepares for enthronement Aljazeera.Net
45. Abortion to be decriminalised in Northern Ireland Aljazeera.Net
46. Assange denied extradition hearing delay Aljazeera.Net
47. Australian papers go black to protest against media restrictions Aljazeera.Net
48. Bahrain maritime security meeting amid mysterious Gulf attacks Aljazeera.Net
49. Bangladesh says thousands of Rohingya agree relocation to island Aljazeera.Net
50. Bolivia’s Morales edges closer to fourth term, but tensions rise Aljazeera.Net
51. Canada election: Social media reacts to Trudeau's win Aljazeera.Net
52. Canada election: Trudeau fights to retain power in tight race Aljazeera.Net
53. Defence minister says 'no force' can stop China reunification Aljazeera.Net
54. Erdogan, Putin hold talks as truce in Syria set to expire Aljazeera.Net
55. Erdogan: Turkey's military operation in Syria not land grab Aljazeera.Net
56. Excessive force to blame for Iraq protest toll: Gov't report Aljazeera.Net
57. Hacking the hackers: Russian group 'hijacked' Iran spy operation Aljazeera.Net
58. Hong Kong protesters rally in defiance of police ban Aljazeera.Net
59. Johnson's new Brexit deal push: What's happening this week? Aljazeera.Net
60. Lebanon's cabinet approves reforms after protests Aljazeera.Net
61. Morales leads Bolivia vote for controversial fourth term Aljazeera.Net
62. On 'Independence': Catalonia, Kurdistan, North Korea and Latin America Pravda.Ru
63. Portugal: Forest Fires, Tragedy and Strategic Opportunities Pravda.Ru
64. Pro-separatists stage new Barcelona rallies Aljazeera.Net
65. Rights groups slam US plan to collect DNA from migrants Aljazeera.Net
66. Russian woman killed in horrific accident in Dominican Republic to be burnt Pravda.Ru
67. Russian woman killed when hanging out naked of moving car in Dominican Republic Pravda.Ru
68. SDF fighters evacuate from besieged Syrian town of Ras al-Ain Aljazeera.Net
69. South Korea prosecutors seek arrest of ex-justice minister's wife Aljazeera.Net
70. Suspect whose case led to Hong Kong unrest leaves prison Aljazeera.Net
71. Thirty years after Taif, Lebanese seek end to sectarian politics Aljazeera.Net
72. Trump reverses plan to host G7 summit at his golf resort Aljazeera.Net
73. UN study narrows down why Africans make fraught journey to Europe Aljazeera.Net
74. USA finally throws its relationship with Russia into a bin Pravda.Ru
75. Volocopter takes to Singapore sky, but can air taxis take off? Aljazeera.Net
76. Vulnerable child and women refugees refused evacuation from Libya Aljazeera.Net
77. What is the new Brexit deal and how is it different? Aljazeera.Net

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