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1. Alle nummers van Clickx, PC Magazine en Shoot 2017 op 1 USB-stick
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3. Apparently Shia LaBeouf Was Almost in SuicideSquad?
4. DiRT Rally verschijnt later dit jaar voor macOS
5. '235GB data buitgemaakt bij hack op ministerie van Defensie in Zuid-Korea'
6. 'Coalitie van Amerikaanse academici en hackers wil stemmachines beveiligen'
7. 'WhatsApp-activiteit is met eenvoudige extensie in kaart te brengen'
8. 4 Successful Startups That Started as Blogs TG Daily
9. Amazing Tech Advancements in Health Care TG Daily
10. Blizzard werkt wellicht aan een nieuwe Overwatch-game
11. Clockwork City-dlc voor The Elder Scrolls online komt uit op 23 oktober
12. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Review
13. eBay wil meer ‘interne reclame’ op handelsplatform
14. Equifax-hackers hebben ook gegevens bemachtigd van 15,2 miljoen Britten
15. Fortnite Battle Royale had tijdens piekmoment in totaal 525.000 spelers
16. Germany Considers Free Public Transport in Fight To Banish Air Pollution Slashdot
17. Google Home Mini had een bug waarmee de speaker continu audio opnam
18. How to get your business through stormy weather TG Daily
19. Watch NASA Launch Its Asteroid-Sampling Spacecraft
20. You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened The Register
21. 4 Easy Ways to Get Out of a Ubuntu Crash Linux Today
22. ACCC issues warning to foreign companies off the back of Valve decision
23. AI and robotics legend Joanna Bryson to kick off MCubed The Register
24. Air Force: Stash These F-22s for Us? NASA: Yeah We Got Room
25. Android, iOS secure ID: Estonia says it's taking digital authentication to new levels
26. Apple Proves Again That It’s Turning Into a Modern-Day IBM
27. Apple's Software 'Problem' and 'Fixing' It Slashdot
28. ARM Details "Project Trillium" Machine Learning Processor Architecture AnandTech
29. Assessing Cavium's ThunderX2: The Arm Server Dream Realized At Last AnandTech
30. AT&T Squeezes Net Neutrality With Free Ride For DirecTV
31. AWS cloud widens its reach: Now services run out of UK-based datacenters
32. Big Data 2017: The future is cloudy
33. Bragi’s New Earphones Are Perfect for the iPhone 7, Probably
34. Brandis extends submission deadline on telco data retention for civil proceedings
35. Brazilian government to focus on 4G expansion
36. Building a data processing pipeline using the ELK stack and Ruby Linux Today
37. Can AI really run a traditional bank with no staff? This startup thinks so
38. Can open source and open systems really open the door to healthier democracies?
39. Can You Find Philae Hiding on the Surface of a Comet?
40. Creating random, secure passwords in Go Linux Today
41. Debian-goodies - A Set Of Useful Utilities For Debian And Ubuntu Users Linux Today
42. Discourse - A Modern Forum for Community Discussion Linux Today
43. Does Atlanta Have to Be ‘Important,’ or Just Good?
44. Enpass Portable: al je wachtwoorden op een stick
45. Finally: Somebody Built an Adventure Game Using Google Forms
46. From Lenovo: Smart glasses for the enterprise
47. Game|Life Podcast: Nintendo Plans the Last Days of Nintendo 3DS
48. Gerucht: Amazon werkt aan deurbel die bezorger toegang geeft tot huis
49. Get Lost in the Trippy Geometry of Seoul’s Endless Bridges
50. GetResponse Marketing Automation Platform Review TG Daily
51. Google Updates: Dirty Cow gets patched and Chrome for Android goes offline The Inquirer
52. Hands On: Apple’s AirPod Wireless Earphones Look Crazy, But Work Great
53. Here’s Everything Apple Announced Today
54. Here’s That Nic-Cage-vs.-Sharks Trailer Everyone Is Talking About
55. Homey krijgt ondersteuning voor slimme thermostaat Toon
56. How many of these does your boss do? Four ways to create a happy and creative team
57. How the OpenStack Foundation is Evolving Beyond its Roots Linux Today
58. How To Add A Dynamic Trash Icon To Ubuntu Dock (Gnome Shell) Linux Today
59. How to dual-boot Linux and Windows Linux Today
60. How to Fit the World’s Biggest Indoor Waterfall in an Airport
61. How to Install Ariadne CMS on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Linux Today
62. How To Install Kali Linux In Android Phone Linux Today
63. How To Permanently Change The MAC Address On Linux Linux Today
64. How to Protect Your Apps and Private Photos Using an Applocker and Gallery Vault TG Daily
65. HP bindt in en laat goedkopere inkt weer toe Clickx Magazine
66. Hybrid cloud: Finding the middle ground between traditional and cloud computing TG Daily
67. Infrared GIFs Show Where Groundwater Burbles to the Surface
68. Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free
69. Inside the Factory Where They Make Danish Spam
70. Introducing NASA’s OSIRIS-REx: the Unofficial Comic Strip
71. iOS 10.2: Tips and hidden secrets
72. IoT in 2017: Why usage is going to grow, despite the security risks
73. IoT, its future and its impact on our lives TG Daily
74. Is Property Still The Best Place To Invest? TG Daily
75. It’s Time for the Hugo-Winning Sci-Fi of Three-BodyProblem
76. Kabinet in regeerakkoord: mogelijk snelle aanpassing 'sleepwet'
77. KDE's New Elisa Music Player: So Close, Yet So Far Away Linux Today
78. Lenovo enters smart glasses fray, targets business, augmented reality, June availability
79. Lenovo launches New Glass C200: A quick tour
80. Lenovo’s Powerful Potential Global Market Position TG Daily
81. Librem 5-smartphone van Purism behaalt crowdfundingdoel
82. Linux tac Command Tutorial for Beginners (with Examples) Linux Today
83. LXQt 0.13.0 Desktop Environment Released, Will Be Available in Lubuntu 18.10 Linux Today
84. Many ID-Protection Services Fail Basic Security Slashdot
85. Microsoft had in 2014 budgetsmartphone met dunne schermranden in ontwikkeling
86. Microsoft Office, Google Docs beware: This open-source startup is after your users
87. Mitski Breaks Down Her Haunting 'Your Best American Girl'
88. Mitsubishi werkt aan door auto's geprojecteerde waarschuwingssignalen
89. Mobiel internet twee keer sneller in België dan Nederland Clickx Magazine
90. Moto Z2 Play Review
91. Natural remedies for Hiatal Hernia that you should follow TG Daily
92. NBN: Four months to move 18k satellite customers to Sky Muster, fixed-wireless
93. New Zealand’s Ruapehu Volcano Is Heating Up Fast
94. No dodging that conference call now: Volvo adds in-car Skype for Business, will test Cortana too
95. No smoking gun for Russian DNC hacks
96. Nokia stopt met ontwikkeling Ozo-vr-camera en ontslaat personeel
97. Nvidia introduceert ai-computer voor volledig autonoom rijdende auto's
98. Open source image recognition with Luminoth Linux Today
99. Open Source Storage: 64 Applications for Data Storage Linux Today
100. OpenStack Boosts Container Security With Kata Containers 1.0 Linux Today

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