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1. 12 Orange daagt Telenet verder uit met nieuwe abonnementen Clickx Magazine
2. Intel's 10nm Briefly Appears: Dual Core Cannon Lake in Official Documents AnandTech
3. Gemini is shipping and we've got one. This is what it's like The Register
4. No dodging that conference call now: Volvo adds in-car Skype for Business, will test Cortana too
5. DiRT Rally verschijnt later dit jaar voor macOS
6. Top 8 Debian-Based Distros Linux Today
7. AMD Plans PlayReady 3.0 Support for Polaris and Vega based GPUs in 2018, Vega APUs in Q2 AnandTech
8. AT&T Squeezes Net Neutrality With Free Ride For DirecTV
9. Dijsselbloem wil Europese BTW-verlaging digitale boeken
10. Enpass Portable: al je wachtwoorden op een stick
11. Find Large Files in Linux Linux Today
12. Google Announces Cloud TPU v2 Beta Availability for Google Cloud Platform AnandTech
13. 'WhatsApp-activiteit is met eenvoudige extensie in kaart te brengen'
14. AMD Releases Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition 18.Q1 WHQL: Adrenalin Comes To Enterprise AnandTech
15. How to Fit the World’s Biggest Indoor Waterfall in an Airport
16. Apple Proves Again That It’s Turning Into a Modern-Day IBM
17. Apple's HomePod Speakers Leave White Marks on Wood Slashdot
18. Blizzard werkt wellicht aan een nieuwe Overwatch-game
19. Chroot: the magical healing powers of the original Linux virtualization tool Linux Today
20. Create a wiki on your Linux desktop with Zim Linux Today
21. Crypto-currency Craze 'Hinders Search For Alien Life' Slashdot
22. Equifax-hackers hebben ook gegevens bemachtigd van 15,2 miljoen Britten
23. FBI, CIA, and NSA: Don't Use Huawei Phones Slashdot
24. How to install Apache, PHP 7.2 and MySQL on CentOS 7.4 (LAMP) Linux Today
25. HTTP/2 Server Push Directive Lands in Nginx 1.13.9 Linux Today
26. IBM Java CTO: Devs shouldn't have to learn Docker, K8s, 30 other things to deploy an app The Register
27. Learn XZ (Lossless Data Compression Tool) in Linux with Examples Linux Today
28. New Silicon Chip-Based Quantum Computer Passes Major Test Slashdot
29. Suse, AWS Nudge SAP Customers to the Cloud Linux Today
30. Tesla Roadster Elon Musk Launched Into Space Has 6 Percent Chance of Hitting Earth In the Next Million Years Slashdot
31. The ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe Motherboard Review: Onboard OLED and WiGig AnandTech
32. The List Of Useful Bash Keyboard Shortcuts Linux Today
33. Uber creepy: Ex-staffer reveals drivers spied on exes, politicians and, er, Beyoncé The Inquirer
34. 'Stop using your Netgear router' says CERT after major vulnerability found The Inquirer
35. 12 useful zypper command examples Linux Today
36. 4 Successful Startups That Started as Blogs TG Daily
37. Air Force: Stash These F-22s for Us? NASA: Yeah We Got Room
38. Amazing Tech Advancements in Health Care TG Daily
39. Amazon Prime's The Grand Tour crap is the 'most pirated show ever' The Inquirer
40. AMD Tech Day at CES: 2018 Roadmap Revealed, with Ryzen APUs, Zen+ on 12nm, Vega on 7nm AnandTech
41. AMP For Email Is a Terrible Idea Slashdot
42. Android, iOS secure ID: Estonia says it's taking digital authentication to new levels
43. Apparently Shia LaBeouf Was Almost in SuicideSquad?
44. Apple fixes iCloud Calendar spam issue with 'report junk' tool The Inquirer
45. Apple's AirPods start shipping in the UK on 19 December The Inquirer
46. Apple's Software 'Problem' and 'Fixing' It Slashdot
47. AWS cloud widens its reach: Now services run out of UK-based datacenters
48. BBFC clears up cock-related Digital Economy Bill content confusion The Inquirer
49. Best Linux Distribution Slashdot
50. Big Data 2017: The future is cloudy
51. Blue Origin landt ten dode opgeschreven raket Clickx Magazine
52. Bogus Linux vulnerability gets publicity Linux Today
53. Bragi’s New Earphones Are Perfect for the iPhone 7, Probably
54. Brazilian government to focus on 4G expansion
55. Brexit to better bumpkin broadband, 4G coverage for farmers – Gove The Register
56. Bruce Perens Seeks Mandatory Award of Legal Fees For His Defense in Open Source Security, Inc. and Bradley Spengler v. Bruce Perens Linux Today
57. Can AI really run a traditional bank with no staff? This startup thinks so
58. Can open source and open systems really open the door to healthier democracies?
59. Canonical Donates Ubuntu Phones to UBports to Continue Ubuntu Touch Development Linux Today
60. Chef Launches InSpec 2.0 to Improve Security Compliance Automation Linux Today
61. CPod (formerly Cumulonimbus) - A Beautiful Podcast App Linux Today
62. Does Atlanta Have to Be ‘Important,’ or Just Good?
63. Efficient Ways To Read The Log Files In Linux. Linux Today
64. Even Apple and Google Engineers Can't Really Afford To Live Near Their Offices Slashdot
65. Facebook Is Spamming Users Via Their 2FA Phone Numbers Slashdot
66. Finally: Somebody Built an Adventure Game Using Google Forms
67. Galaxy Note 8 specs, release date and price The Inquirer
68. Game|Life Podcast: Nintendo Plans the Last Days of Nintendo 3DS
69. Gebruikersreview van de Maand
70. Germany Considers Free Public Transport in Fight To Banish Air Pollution Slashdot
71. GetResponse Marketing Automation Platform Review TG Daily
72. Getting Radeon Vega Everywhere: An Exclusive Media Interview at AMD Tech Day, with CEO Dr. Lisa Su AnandTech
73. Google Home Mini had een bug waarmee de speaker continu audio opnam
74. Google reportedly puts brakes on self-driving car development The Inquirer
75. Google's Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Tomorrow Slashdot
76. Hackers Turn the Nintendo Switch into a Linux Tablet with KDE Plasma Desktop Linux Today
77. Hands On: Apple’s AirPod Wireless Earphones Look Crazy, But Work Great
78. Hands-on: Kodak Ektra
79. Here’s That Nic-Cage-vs.-Sharks Trailer Everyone Is Talking About
80. Honor 9 Lite Smartphone Launch Live Blog AnandTech
81. How Kubernetes became the solution for migrating legacy applications Linux Today
82. How many of these does your boss do? Four ways to create a happy and creative team
83. How should the UEFI System Partition be? Linux Today
84. How to Copy File Permissions and Ownership to Another File in Linux Linux Today
85. How to enable repository using subscription-manager in RHEL Linux Today
86. How to format academic papers on Linux with groff -me Linux Today
87. How to get your business through stormy weather TG Daily
88. How to Install and Use Netdata Performance Monitoring Tool on Debian 9 Linux Today
89. How to install Odoo 11 in virtualenv on Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Today
90. How to Install Varnish Reverse Proxy with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Linux Today
91. How To Make Good Use Of 'grep' Command Linux Today
92. How to make sense of the Apache 2 patent license Linux Today
93. How to Protect Your Apps and Private Photos Using an Applocker and Gallery Vault TG Daily
94. Hybrid cloud: Finding the middle ground between traditional and cloud computing TG Daily
95. Install Apache Kafka on Ubuntu Linux Today
96. Install ELK stack: Manage logs with Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana Linux Today
97. Introducing NASA’s OSIRIS-REx: the Unofficial Comic Strip
98. iOS 10.2 brings 100 new emoji to iPhone and iPad users The Inquirer
99. iOS 10.2: Tips and hidden secrets
100. IoT in 2017: Why usage is going to grow, despite the security risks

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