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1. 11 Fortnite Battle Royale had tijdens piekmoment in totaal 525.000 spelers
2. Orange daagt Telenet verder uit met nieuwe abonnementen Clickx Magazine
3. Notepad++ Snap App Review Linux Today
4. Windows 10 is dropping WiFi connections, with no fix from Microsoft yet The Inquirer
5. Windows 10-versie 1511 krijgt geen beveiligingsupdates meer
6. Germany Considers Free Public Transport in Fight To Banish Air Pollution Slashdot
7. Google Is Adding Snapchat-Style Stories To Mobile Search Results Slashdot
8. Oracle Patches 284 Vulnerabilities In January Critical Patch Update Linux Today
9. Speedtest Ookla: T-Mobile haalt hoogste 4g-snelheid van Nederland
10. The Evil-Twin Framework: A tool for testing WiFi security Linux Today
11. The Lenovo ThinkPad A285 (12.5-Inch) Review: Ryzen Pro Gets Down to Business AnandTech
12. Three new year's resolutions Google needs to keep in 2017
13. Turn a Raspberry Pi 3B+ into a PriTunl VPN Linux Today
14. Using Linux containers to analyze the impact of climate change and soil on New Zealand crops Linux Today
15. Clockwork City-dlc voor The Elder Scrolls online komt uit op 23 oktober
16. DiRT Rally verschijnt later dit jaar voor macOS
17. Equifax-hackers hebben ook gegevens bemachtigd van 15,2 miljoen Britten
18. HP bindt in en laat goedkopere inkt weer toe Clickx Magazine
19. Samsung Galaxy S8 specs, release date and price The Inquirer
20. ALD Automotive zet sociale media in voor verkoop leaseauto
21. Alle nummers van Clickx, PC Magazine en Shoot 2017 op 1 USB-stick
22. Apple in XS new sensation: Latest iPhone carries XS-sive price tag The Register
23. Attackers Take New Approach To Install Cryptominers, Palo Alto Reports Linux Today
24. Batterij Samsung Galaxy S6 en S7 loopt leeg na update Clickx Magazine
25. BinckBank neemt het Nederlandse fintechbedrijf Pritle over
26. Comparing 3 open source databases: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and SQLite Linux Today
27. opent zakelijke marktplaats
28. Create a Kubernetes cron job in OKD Linux Today
29. Easily Set CPU Governor (Performance / Powersave) And Monitor CPU Frequency In Gnome Shell With CPUFREQ Extension Linux Today
30. Essential System Tools: Krusader KDE file manager Linux Today
31. ffsend: Secure File Share From The Command Line (Firefox Send Client) Linux Today
32. Get started with CryptPad, an open source collaborative document editor Linux Today
33. GNOME Software Package Manager to Feature Better Flatpak Support for GNOME 3.32 Linux Today
34. Google Will Deprecate 32-Bit Android Apps on 64-Bit Devices Starting August 2021 Linux Today
35. Google's Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Tomorrow Slashdot
36. How many of these does your boss do? Four ways to create a happy and creative team
37. How to get your business through stormy weather TG Daily
38. How To Install Cinnamon Desktop On A Chromebook With Crouton Linux Today
39. How to Mount Windows Partitions in Ubuntu Linux Today
40. How to Update/Change Users Password in Linux Using Different Ways Linux Today
41. Introducing NASA’s OSIRIS-REx: the Unofficial Comic Strip
42. Investigating NVIDIA's Jetson AGX: A Look at Xavier and Its Carmel Cores AnandTech
43. iOS 10.2 brings 100 new emoji to iPhone and iPad users The Inquirer
44. London councils are reliant on unsupported Microsoft server software The Inquirer
45. Microsoft Office, Google Docs beware: This open-source startup is after your users
46. Mitski Breaks Down Her Haunting 'Your Best American Girl'
47. Mitsubishi werkt aan door auto's geprojecteerde waarschuwingssignalen
48. Pyvoc - A Command line Dictionary And Vocabulary Building Tool Linux Today
49. Simple guide to configure Nginx reverse proxy with SSL Linux Today
50. SUSE Server for Arm Becomes Generally Available Linux Today
51. The Next Falcon Heavy Will Carry the Most Powerful Atomic Clock Ever Launched Slashdot
52. The Physics of How Your Earphone Jack Works (Just in Time to Say Goodbye)
53. The Top 4 Ways Your Linux Computer Can Earn You Money Linux Today
54. This app is trying to kill the car, and Helsinki is doing its best to help it
55. TLDR - Easy to Understand Man Pages for Every Linux User Linux Today
56. TU Delft organiseert eerste anti-drone race DroneClash
57. VirtualBox 6.0.2 Released with Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.4 Linux Today
58. Why HPE Account LeSaint Logistics Is Moving to Dell EMC TG Daily
59. With the iPhone 7, Apple Makes Dual Cameras the New Normal

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