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1. Charlize Theron: My child I thought was a boy is... a girl! For the first time, the Hollywood actress reveals why her adopted seven-year-old Jackson is wearing dresses. And her inspiration? Her own mother - who SHOT her father Mail Online
2. Why aren’t employers doing more to tackle the work-related stress epidemic? The Daily Telegraph
3. Why are we bound by the law but protesters are allowed to flout it? The Daily Telegraph
4. Is Britain's £73billion credit card bubble about to burst? Bank of England fears as UK debt rises to equivalent of £1,400 per person  Mail Online
5. The brutal realities of childbirth: Viral image shows what 10 centimeters of dilation really looks like - and how it compares to the size of a baby's head  Mail Online
6. 'Game over' Trump reacts to Mueller report The Guardian
7. 'Grotesque and sexist' Broadcaster's plans for gender-based channels spark fury in Italy The Guardian
8. JAN MOIR: Hey you pagan eco pixies, here are ten things you SHOULD protest about Mail Online
9. There's no closer pal than a cousin: It's a magical childhood bond that lasts a lifetime - and now George and little Mia are following in the footsteps of their parents William and Zara  Mail Online
10. US couple could face death penalty after Bangkok claims 'seastead' lies within Thai waters The Daily Telegraph
11. '1950 rang and wants its rule book back': Norwegian Air is blasted over 22-page dress code that FORCES stewardesses to wear high heels and makeup Mail Online
12. Analysis Mueller's report would have been the end for anyone other than Trump The Guardian
13. Brexit party Farage 'has near-total control of political group' The Guardian
14. Dame Emma JETS 5,400 miles to show how green she is! Actress issues call-to-arms for more eco-activists to join protests crippling London - so what was the carbon footprint for her flight from LA? Mail Online
15. In Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham have found their perfect match The Daily Telegraph
16. Joseph Bertony, wartime spy who found an elegant solution for the ‘shells’ of Sydney Opera House The Daily Telegraph
17. Robert Mueller's report shows how Donald Trump was saved from himself The Daily Telegraph
18. 'They don't have the privilege you do!' Nick Robinson blasts Extinction Rebellion's 'neo-pagan' co-founder for suggesting struggling commuters should miss work and join protesters Mail Online
19. CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's TV: Pity Sir David got hijacked by doom-mongers' pet theories in Climate Change: The Facts Mail Online
20. Eco-mob plot to ruin Easter: Climate protesters vow to bring Heathrow to its knees on Good Friday threatening getaway hell for thousands of families  Mail Online
21. Notre Dame Cause of fire at Paris cathedral may have been electrical â€" official The Guardian
22. Photo that puts our holidaying MPs to shame: ROBERT HARDMAN sees the Queen (aged 92) hard at work on Maundy Thursday Mail Online
23. Pictured: Female journalist, 29, shot dead 'in terrorist incident by dissident republicans' on a night of violent rioting in Londonderry Mail Online
24. Resisting the right The woman who is a beacon of hope in Salvini's Italy The Guardian
25. RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Skateboarding plod? No, send in the riot squad Mail Online
26. Sadiq Khan accused of 'losing control' as Crossrail crisis costs economy up to £4bn The Daily Telegraph
27. Science Crusader armies were remarkably genetically diverse, study finds The Guardian
28. The Facts review Our greatest threat, laid bare The Guardian
29. Trump-Russia investigation Mueller report unable to clear Trump of obstruction of justice The Guardian
30. 'I live in a family of 15 people and my parents are abusive - my sisters are chained up': Chilling 911 call made by 17-year-old California house of horrors victim is revealed ahead of their parents' sentencing Mail Online
31. 'Terrorist incident' Journalist killed in Northern Ireland as shots are fired during rioting The Guardian
32. 'The orangutan hitting the digger has broke me': Viewers of Sir David Attenborough's new BBC documentary on climate change are heartbroken by images of primate's futile battle with bulldozers Mail Online
33. Amazing drone footage shows Notre-Dame damage The Daily Telegraph
34. Australia Toddler dragged by dingo from Fraser Island campsite has fractured skull The Guardian
35. Bald eagles deployed to defend beachgoers from 'scary' seagull attacks The Daily Telegraph
36. Bill Clinton Ex-president picked up Kama Sutra in gift shop, says BBC presenter The Guardian
37. Brexit Labour MPs to urge Corbyn not to 'torpedo' deal The Guardian
38. British single mother is in running to take on top job at JP Morgan as the first female boss Mail Online
39. Canada Three mountaineers presumed dead after avalanche The Guardian
40. Chelsea keep alive Maurizio Sarri's dream of silverware The Daily Telegraph
41. Climate Change: the Facts review: David Attenborough's superb documentary offers hope for climate crisis  The Daily Telegraph
42. Eight fabulous meals that make for a low-carb family feast: Chef Giancarlo Caldesi and Dr David Unwin show you how to eat to keep diabetes at bay  Mail Online
43. Emma Thompson 'wants to be arrested at climate protest' - after flying from LA to take part The Daily Telegraph
44. Extinction Rebellion Protests and Attenborough put climate in spotlight The Guardian
45. Family pay tribute to British couple killed after buggy plunged into Santorini ravine The Daily Telegraph
46. Former Princess Tessy of Luxembourg reveals her eldest brother won't talk to her because she married royalty - while her twin brother is STILL bullied at work 13 YEARS on from her wedding Mail Online
47. Hillary Clinton Trump claimed he knew about emails in advance The Guardian
48. How surviving a shooting spurred Terence Crawford to become world champion The Daily Telegraph
49. In full Read the redacted findings The Guardian
50. Lacazette helps Arsenal swat Napoli aside and cruise into Europa League semi-final The Daily Telegraph
51. Leading racehorse trainer killed himself after wife had affair with jockey, inquest hears The Daily Telegraph
52. London 'Concreteberg' weighing 105 tonnes found in sewer The Guardian
53. London Climate change activists target Heathrow airport The Guardian
54. Malaysia Women who discussed their 'dehijabbing' investigated The Guardian
55. Martin Clunes: My Travels and Other Animals, review - all prime-time filler, no thriller The Daily Telegraph
56. Motorists are warned journeys could take THREE TIMES longer than normal as 4.4million Brits are set to travel on Good Friday ahead of 77F 'hottest Easter Sunday ever'  Mail Online
57. Mueller report The key unanswered questions The Guardian
58. Oil spills Trump policy of more offshore drilling is 'a recipe for disaster' The Guardian
59. Podcasts of the week Do fans need to #freebritney? The Guardian
60. Prince Charles calls for an end to knife crime in his Easter message, saying anyone who commits 'such brutal deeds' must be brought to justice Mail Online
61. Sarah Sanders Press secretary told reporters lies about Comey The Guardian
62. Sixty firefighters raced to fight blaze in west London tower block used as 'Del Boy's home' in Only Fools and Horses Mail Online
63. Special report: The secrets behind the Norwich success story The Daily Telegraph
64. Sudan Huge crowds call for civilian rule in biggest protest since Bashir ousting The Guardian
65. The Cotswold Conspirators: How four key players in the Extinction Rebellion eco-mob plotted chaos in London from vegetarian café in leafy market town Mail Online
66. TOM UTLEY: My father's merciful death taught me a heart-rendering truth: compassion matters more than the law  Mail Online
67. US Mueller links Trump and campaign to 11 instances of potential obstruction The Guardian
68. William Barr profile Attorney general who has the president's back The Guardian
69. Woman in sex therapy admits she struggles to trust her boyfriend after he hid the fact he'd lost his job from her for THREE MONTHS Mail Online

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