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1. Most surreal lines from Trump's Fox News interview
2. Beto leapfrogs most of 2020 Democratic field
3. EU tells May Brexit deal not up for renegotiation
4. Austria delays decision on whether to scrap Eurofighter jets Reuters
5. Kevin Hart reveals alleged extortion attempt in apology to wife, kids
6. Lack of water forces people to flee to US
7. May fights leadership revolt Reuters
8. US, China set to take action against each other
9. Breaking news alert: People are inherently good, nonviolent
10. Global search for email bomb threats sender
11. JLaw's film anti-Christian?
12. Multiple bomb threats across the US
13. PULLING NO PUNCHES: Hollywood piles on the Trump mockery at Emmys
14. German official: No EU consensus on imposing new sanctions against Russia Reuters
15. Miss USA sparks controversy with comments about Asians
16. Serena Williams controversy prompts sports sexism reckoning MSNBC
17. u003cstrong>Meet the unluckiest football player on the planetu003c/strong>
18. US House declares crimes against Rohingya are genocide
19. US slams China, Russia over 'predatory practices' in Africa
20. US student stabbed to death in the Netherlands
21. 'He's a liar': Trump privately furious after Cohen sentencing
22. 13 miners feared dead after being flooded in illegal mine
23. 157 new species discovered in SE Asia
24. Absence of leaders of world's biggest polluters is killing climate talks
25. Alleged Russian agent's infiltration was anything but subtle
26. Alleged Russian spy admits to conspiracy against US
27. Anti-terror police hunt Strasbourg gunman
28. Billion-dollar US attack submarine out of service for years awaiting repairs
29. Butina offering information on American she conspired with
30. Cannibal to police: I'm 'tired of eating human flesh'
31. Chevy brings back diesel
32. China temporarily cuts tariffs on US auto imports
33. Chinese companies urging employees to boycott Apple
34. Chocolate leak covers German street
35. Classic cars reborn as electric vehicles
36. Clinton 'rejects premise' husband meeting AG Lynch on tarmac critically hurt campaign - VIDEO: Comey accused of clearing Clinton before interview - Judge Jeanine: Hillary should not get a pass just because she lost an election - OPINION: Here's what really happened to Hillary
37. Couple in 70s arrested after 'large amount of cocaine' found in their ship cabin
38. Crisis sparked by Huawei CFO's arrest is snowballing
39. Critical moment arrives in climate talks
40. Dams spell disaster for SE Asian nation
41. Delta bans puppies, kittens from all flights
42. DOJ pushes back on Trump's Huawei comments: 'We are not a tool of trade'
43. Eczema patients 'more likely to attempt suicide'
44. Exotic fish rode tsunami debris to US
45. Family of slain backpacker thanks NZ
46. Fire destroys 8,000 voting machines just days before election
47. Foul-mouthed Santa horrifies parents
48. High-speed train crash kills nine
49. How 3D printers are transforming flying
50. How China could retaliate against the US and Canada
51. How Cohen could help the feds get the Trump Organization
52. Hungary's 'slave law' sparks protests
53. Ireland passes historic abortion bill
54. Joe on 9/11 anniversary: Trump harms ‘dream of America’ more than foreign foes MSNBC
55. Leopard kills meditating monk
56. McDonald's will reduce antibiotics in beef
57. Melania Trump makes historic Osprey flight
58. Melania Trump's poll numbers plummet
59. Michael Cohen gets 3 years in prison
60. National Enquirer deal a very big problem for Trump
61. National Enquirer publisher strikes deal in Cohen probe
62. Neanderthal genes could explain shape of our skulls
63. NYT: Chinese hackers behind Marriott breach
64. Pelosi strikes deal with Dem critics
65. Pope removes 3 cardinals from inner circle
66. Rape survivors fight back against victim-blaming
67. Russia, without evidence, claims accused spy was 'tortured' in US custody
68. Second Canadian detained in China
69. Taylor Swift used facial recognition at concert to ID stalkers
70. The 4 people sentenced to prison so far in the Mueller probe
71. The best sailing photographs of 2018
72. The electric supercars lighting up 2018
73. The year's brightest comet streaks by Earth this weekend
74. Theresa May survives confidence vote
75. Trump breaks silence on Cohen sentencing
76. Trump crosses red line on Huawei case
77. Trump seizes on attack to push border wall
78. Trump shifts from Russia denials to calling it 'peanut stuff'
79. Trump vowed China would buy more soybeans. US farmers are still waiting
80. Trump's former friends are flipping
81. u003cstrong>Geminid meteor shower: When to watch itu003c/strong>
82. u003cstrong>Real Madrid embarrassed in record lossu003c/strong>
83. UK sees surge in reported far-right activity
84. Vladimir Putin's Stasi ID card found in German archives
85. What Donald Trump doesn't get about impeachment
86. What prison life for Cohen may be like
87. Where militaries window shop
88. WWE star Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan dies
89. Yemen rivals agree to ceasefire
90. \u003cstrong>Frida Ghitis:\u003c/strong> In 2019, the struggle to save democracy will face its key tests
91. \u003cstrong>Harry and Meghan release wedding snap Christmas card\u003c/strong>
92. \u003cstrong>Matt Bevington: \u003c/strong>Brexit chaos isn't going anywhere
93. \u003cstrong>No-deal Brexit looks likelier than ever as EU leaders send May home empty-handed\u003c/strong>
94. \u003cstrong>Opinion:\u003c/strong> Brexit will weaken Europe, isolate Britain and fuel global tensions
95. \u003cstrong>Opinion:\u003c/strong> May's Brexit deal is dead on arrival. Now what?
96. \u003cstrong>Seth B. Waxman\u003c/strong>: Sorry, President Trump, collusion IS a crime
97. \u003cstrong>Sticking point: \u003c/strong>What is the Irish 'backstop' and why is it such a big deal?
98. \u003cstrong>Trump was at illegal hush money meeting, source says\u003c/strong>

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