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1. 10 After this 'major escalation', what happens next?
2. Oldest known animal identified
3. \u003cstrong>Kavanaugh nomination just got even more complicated \u003c/strong>
4. $18M in cocaine found in prison bananas
5. Australia kills 6 sharks after attacks
6. Boxer Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion, is posthumously pardoned by President Trump
7. Calif. Dem Feinstein noncommittal on 2018 Senate run
8. Severely injured yachtsman rescued at sea
9. Shock election win hails new dawn
10. Three US workplace shootings in 24 hours
11. 5 questions about the Rosenstein bombshell report
12. GOP senator: 'What am I supposed to do, ruin the guy's life over this?'
13. Growing typhoon bears down on Taiwan
14. ISIS video claims to show parade attackers
15. S&P sector reshuffle may do little for telecom stocks Reuters
16. The Accusations Against Navient The New York Times
17. Are you tall? Watch out for varicose veins
18. Breastfeeding = less weight gain for babies
19. Free health care to half a billion Indians?
20. Merkel 'regrets' spy chief's promotion
21. Serena outburst divides rivals' opinions
22. Theresa May is surrounded by hopeless enemies
23. UK and EU's Brexit battle hits social media
24. Vatican and China deal sparks criticism
25. \u003cstrong>Brett Bruen: \u003c/strong>Trump's global insignificance about to be exposed
26.  California aims to be entirely green powered by 2045 MSNBC
27. 127 dead: Arrest ordered for ferry operators
28. 150 years of horse racing on the beach
29. 2 Louisiana slayings may be racially motivated: police
30. A Trump-Kim meeting could be 'quite soon'
31. Austrian journalist arrested in Turkey
32. BELLWETHER Listen up, UN -- Trump means what he's telling you
33. Bill Cosby arrives in court for sentencing
34. Bishop accused of raping nun
35. Brexit at breaking point? Diary dates for Britain's EU departure Reuters
36. Clinton 'rejects premise' husband meeting AG Lynch on tarmac critically hurt campaign - VIDEO: Comey accused of clearing Clinton before interview - Judge Jeanine: Hillary should not get a pass just because she lost an election - OPINION: Here's what really happened to Hillary
37. Dead fish scattered across highway
38. Donald Trump's chance to hide from his problems
39. Fort Bragg soldiers charged in deadly NC parking lot shooting
40. How a paralyzed woman walked again
41. Imprisoned opposition leader to go on trial as another walks free -- for now
42. Inquest over Pret a Manger sandwich death
43. Iran accuses Saudi Arabia, UAE of financing military parade attackers
44. Japan successfully lands robot rovers on an asteroid's surface
45. Joe on 9/11 anniversary: Trump harms ‘dream of America’ more than foreign foes MSNBC
46. Kenya assembly backs halving of fuel tax amid anger at living costs Reuters
47. Majority believe Trump isn’t honest, polling shows MSNBC
48. Maldives opposition leader declares victory
49. Man who threatened to shoot Trump caught
50. Obesity will beat smoking as leading cause of cancer, report shows
51. Oil prices ease as Trump tweets warning at OPEC Reuters
52. Oklahoma police officers shot while serving a search warrant
53. Pro-Hong Kong independence party officially banned in unprecedented move
54. PULLING NO PUNCHES: Hollywood piles on the Trump mockery at Emmys
55. Republicans ask Trump not to rock the boat before Kavanaugh confirmation, mid-terms
56. Ronaldo maintains Juventus' perfect start
57. Strawberry panic spreads to New Zealand
58. Teen rescued after 49 days adrift at sea
59. The crashes that changed Formula One
60. Tiger's back: 'I didn't know if that would happen again'
61. Top South African court OKs private use of cannabis
62. Trump's 'America First' UN agenda likely obscured by Kavanaugh
63. u003cstrong>Matt Bevington: u003c/strong>May has finally joined the real world on Brexit
64. What happened between Rosenstein and McCabe?
65. White House, Kavanaugh deny allegations
66. Why the Popes won't answer the accusations dividing their church
67. World stocks climb as trade concerns ease, dollar slips Reuters
68. \u003cstrong>Julian Zelizer:\u003c/strong> The only thing standing between Kavanaugh and Supreme Court
69. \u003cstrong>The White House summons Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after Trump wiretapping allegations\u003c/strong>

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