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1. \u003cstrong>After Trump cancels summit, N Korea says it will still talk with US 'any time and in any way'\u003c/strong>
2. F1 'grid girls' are back
3. Sweden: Sex without consent is rape
4. Trump’s lies becoming true: Fmr. CIA Deputy Dir.  MSNBC
5. \u003cstrong>From grin to grim:\u003c/strong> Inside the Trump-Kim summit collapse
6. 15 people injured in explosion at restaurant near Toronto
7. All eyes on Rosenstein: Will he stand up to pressure MSNBC
8. CARIBBEAN DANGER Maria strengthens into hurricane, islands on alert
9. GOP Sen.: Trump ‘has no right to influence an investigation’  MSNBC
10. Harvey Weinstein expected to be charged tomorrow MSNBC
11. Sleep in this weekend. You may live longer
12. Sound injures US worker in China
13. Trump organization lawyer to talk with Senate intel committee
14. Trump/Kim Jong-un meeting in limbo MSNBC
15. u003cstrong>Jill Filipovic: u003c/strong>The reason you can't stop watching the lava
16. u003cstrong>N Korea blows up three tunnels at Punggye-ri nuclear test siteu003c/strong>
17. Weinstein will be charged with rape: source
18. WWE star Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan dies
19. \u003cstrong>The day we saw North Korea's nuclear work go up in smoke\u003c/strong>
20. 'Formula E has advantages over F1,' says Nico Rosberg
21. Assange's refuge in embassy 'in jeopardy'
22. Avenatti: Won’t be the last time someone flips on Cohen MSNBC
23. Boxer Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion, is posthumously pardoned by President Trump
24. Burkina Faso cuts ties with Taiwan
25. Changing nations to win gold
26. CPAP machine can improve sex lives
27. Despite hurricanes and Trump, Cuba retains charm for foreign tourism firms Reuters
28. ESPN Writer: NFL anthem rule ‘shot’ at black fans MSNBC
29. Fiat Chrysler CEO says company may 'redirect' Mexican auto exports Reuters
30. Former Trump co-chairman on meeting FBI source: Like sitting in 'faculty lounge talking about research'
31. From fat-shamed to billionaire
32. Gran sentenced to death by hanging
33. How do you stop Ronaldo running riot?
34. How MJ's tilt defied gravity
35. Inside North Korea Fallout: Trump wanted to be first to cancel, sources say MSNBC
36. Inside North Korea Fallout: Trump wanted to be first to cancel, sources say MSNBC
37. Johnson & Johnson hit with $26M verdict
38. Key moments from Russia intel. briefings MSNBC
39. Kim Jong Un's great miscalculation?
40. Kushner's security clearance restored
41. Meet the smallest, and tallest, horses in the world
42. Mexico will not be rushed into poor NAFTA deal: minister Reuters
43. Missile that downed MH17 'owned by Russian brigade'
44. Mueller appears to respond to Trump in court docs. MSNBC
45. Nance: Hostility for DoJ, FBI is ‘open warfare’ MSNBC
46. Nigerian troops 'raped rescued women'
47. Novak Djokovic's grand slam rebirth?
48. Philip Roth, author of the scandalous ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’ who was seen as ‘the voice of his generation,’ dies at 85
49. President's war against himself leads to summit cancellation
50. PULLING NO PUNCHES: Hollywood piles on the Trump mockery at Emmys
51. Referendum triggers global dash to vote
52. Reinventing football helmets
53. Rep. Swalwell: Trump’s impulsive behavior set us back MSNBC
54. Teen who killed rapist husband: New info
55. The week in 22 photos
56. Trump pardons first African-American heavyweight champ MSNBC
57. Trump promised to save Harley â€" but factories still closed MSNBC
58. Trump tweets ‘SPYGATE’ could be one of biggest scandals MSNBC
59. Trump’s familiar attack on the DoJ continues MSNBC
60. Trump’s lawyer crashes classified DoJ briefing MSNBC
61. Two Ebola patients escape from treatment
62. u003cstrong>Abortions rise after Trump cuts global fundingu003c/strong>
63. u003cstrong>Judge sides with parents: 30-year-old son must move outu003c/strong>
64. u003cstrong>Putin weighs inu003c/strong>: Kim Jong Un 'did everything he promised to do'
65. u003cstrong>Trump to Kim: u003c/strong>It's 'inappropriate' to hold planned meeting
66. u003cstrong>Women accuse Morgan Freeman of sexual harassmentu003c/strong>
67. Virus outbreak: 10 dead, including nurse
68. Weinstein will be charged with rape -- source
69. What 'denuclearization' means for US and N Korea
70. What Cohen’s business partner pleading guilty tells us MSNBC
71. What’s next after N. Korea summit fallout? MSNBC
72. Why tough N. Korea talk could hurt American wallets  MSNBC
73. \u003cstrong>Asia left stunned:\u003c/strong> Trump's withdrawal leaves region reeling
74. \u003cstrong>Pitfalls\u003cstrong>\u003c/strong>:\u003c/strong> How axing summit might hurt US more than help it
75. \u003cstrong>Polls open in landmark Irish abortion referendum\u003c/strong>

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