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1. At least 6 teens shot at 'instant house party'
2. 10,000 left homeless as blaze levels slum
3. Nazi-era Porsche fails to sell after auction snafu
4. PULLING NO PUNCHES: Hollywood piles on the Trump mockery at Emmys
5. 'Jihadi Jack' stripped of UK citizenship
6. Clashes at Hong Kong airport after flights halted Reuters
7. The biggest threat to Trump's reelection
8. This man spends half his $1,300 monthly salary on rent. This is why he's rarely missed a protest.
9. 3 potential US mass shootings 'averted'
10. 63 killed in wedding bombing as ISIS claims responsibility
11. China denies Hong Kong port visit for U.S. Navy ships amid tensions Reuters
12. Clashes erupt at Hong Kong airport as turmoil deepens Reuters
13. Huge crowds defy police in Hong Kong
14. Kiefer Sutherland 'seriously injured' on tour
15. Nigerian president moves to curb spending on food imports Reuters
16. She vomits blood. Her skin peels off. And she's losing hope of getting a new liver
17. Trump organization lawyer to talk with Senate intel committee
18. U.S. and Britain discuss trade deal that could take effect on November 1 Reuters
19. U.S. government shakes up staffing at jail where financier Epstein died Reuters
20. 13 arrested, six injured in Portland protests
21. Aides got Trump to delay tariffs by telling him it could ruin Christmas
22. Avenatti: Trump is trying to prevent me from deposing him MSNBC
23. Beach town to install anti-sex public toilets
24. Bette Davis' shocking betrayal
25. Customer shoots waiter over food delay
26. Dollar, yuan jump after U.S. makes trade concessions to China Reuters
27. Facebook paid contractors to transcribe users' audio: Bloomberg Reuters
28. From fat-shamed to billionaire
29. Ga. Tech student shot dead by police on campus
30. Italy Senate slows government crisis, frustrating Salvini's election push Reuters
31. Man beaten after being mistaken for suspected child predator
32. Mexican former minister detained, deepening president's anti-graft quest Reuters
33. Mickelson nearly misses tee time after lightning strikes hotel and sparks fire
34. No-deal Brexit report leaked
35. North Carolina fair worker hurt when he falls trying to fix Ferris wheel
36. Serena Williams controversy prompts sports sexism reckoning MSNBC
37. The week that Cathay Pacific surrendered to China
38. This country is finally trying to decriminalize abortion. Why has it taken so long?
39. TODD STARNES: African-American university students offended by cotton
40. Trump on guns: 'We do have a lot of background checks'
41. Trump: We don't want Afghanistan to be 'laboratory for terror'
42. u003cstrong>British Muslims want to know what Boris Johnson is going to do about the UK's Islamophobia problemu003c/strong>
43. u003cstrong>The 'dark side' of Finland's famous free health careu003c/strong>
44. White House moving forward with plan to cancel foreign aid
45. 'Hell on wheels': Five disabled New Yorkers file hundreds of lawsuits
46. 'I should be on a plane to see her': Tlaib on decision not to visit grandma in West Bank
47. 'It' factor: California cops pose for viral photo inspired by horror film
48. 2 Louisiana slayings may be racially motivated: police
49. 3 dead as rival soccer fans clash at match
50. An explosion. Radioactive iodine. What this tells us about Russia's 'doomsday weapon'
51. Apple's 'very compelling' argument against tariffs
52. BELLWETHER Listen up, UN -- Trump means what he's telling you
53. CBS-Viacom is just the beginning of Shari Redstone's media deals Reuters
54. Colgate warns Venezuelans not to buy fake imported toothpaste brands Reuters
55. Exclusive: Google's jobs search draws antitrust complaints from rivals Reuters
56. Footballers giving up their passports to become Chinese
57. Fort Bragg soldiers charged in deadly NC parking lot shooting
58. Friends recall journalist dragged, killed by crocodile in Sri Lanka
59. Gators caught climbing fences
60. Global Times says reporter held by demonstrators at Hong Kong airport, rescued by police Reuters
61. GOING TO 'FIGHT THIS' Arpaio fires back at judge in his contempt case
62. Hong Kong protest timeline
63. Hong Kong's police describe their side of the protests
64. How a far-left president is turning Mexico upside down
65. Iranian oil tanker leaves Gibraltar
66. Joe on 9/11 anniversary: Trump harms ‘dream of America’ more than foreign foes MSNBC
67. Majority believe Trump isn’t honest, polling shows MSNBC
68. Mother who lost child because she was ruled too Western will appeal
69. Musician dies in car crash
70. New missile poses threat to US allies, but doesn't bother Trump
71. Nuclear mystery lingers in Russia's Far North
72. Police: Homeowner killed 1 of 6 teens trying to break in, 5 others charged with murder
73. Prince Andrew 'appalled' by Epstein sex abuse allegations
74. Report: Jeffrey Epstein's cause of death was suicide by hanging
75. Republican faces new Texas reality: He has to actually try to win reelection
76. Teen shot dead by clerk for stealing $2 beer
77. Thai baby dugong dies due to plastic waste
78. Thousands are trapped in 'Triangle of Death' just 10 miles from a US military base
79. Trump backs off China tariff plan with delays for cellphones, laptops Reuters
80. Trump retweets edited video of him hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball - NY Times reporter slammed after saying boy mowing White House lawn sends bad signal on child labor
81. Trump's interest in buying Greenland 'absurd,' says Danish leader
82. US makes last-ditch attempt to stop Iranian supertanker
83. Why some US citizens are carrying their passports daily
84. Why Trump wants to buy Greenland
85. Workers had 3 choices: Attend Trump speech, use paid time off, or receive no pay
86. \u003cstrong>Mikkel Rosengaard:\u003c/strong> Greenland has long been a bargaining chip

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