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Woensdag 20 juni 2018
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\u003cstrong>Ambassador Haley calls body 'protector of human rights abusers' with anti-Israel bias\u003c/strong>
UN: Protecting refugee children is a test of our humanity
UN reopens sexual assault investigation into top official
\u003cstrong>Trump makes political gamble with immigrant lives\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>Turkey to get F-35 jets despite US Congress opposition\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>Amid World Cup, Putin scores some diplomatic goals\u003c/strong>
Tourist ferry sinks: 192 may have drowned
Eczema may be motive in woman killing parents and herself
Hawaii volcano: Farmers at risk
Rapper XXXTentacion predicted own death
Ending infection that scrapes eyes blind
\u003cstrong>Japan's historic win over 10-man Colombia \u003c/strong>
N Korea to hold mass games after 5 years
How low-risk is light drinking?
Canada legalizes marijuana
Australians trust Xi more than Trump: survey
Macron tells teen: 'Call me Mr. President'
Death threats, despair and deportations: The front lines of Europe's migration crisis
\u003cstrong>Behrouz Boochani: \u003c/strong>Forgotten people discarded on forgotten islands
\u003cstrong>Julian Zelizer:\u003c/strong> Why Trump figures he can win with harsh border policy
\u003cstrong>Anushay Hossain:\u003c/strong> Ivanka's deafening silence
Meghan and Harry enjoy Royal Ascot with the Queen
The best photos of the 2018 World Cup
2018 World Cup moments
10 of the world's most expensive superyachts
The moments that defined the World Cup
Take a tour of the Russia World Cup stadiums
India's problem with rape: Do women feel safe?
Afghan who risked life for UK: 'They are sending me to get killed'

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US expects N Korea to return troop remains
What Trump says on immigration vs. reality
Members of Jeff Sessions' church charge him with violating rules
\u003cstrong>Arick Wierson:\u003c/strong> Kirstjen Nielsen should resign now
\u003cstrong>US set to disengage from UN's Human Rights Council\u003c/strong>
Electric boat smashes world record
Animal predictions at the World Cup ... how good?
\u003cstrong>Trump\u003cstrong>\u003c/strong>: 'Illegal immigrants ... infest our country'\u003c/strong>
Rapper Jimmy Wopo killed in drive-by
Meghan and Harry attend Royal Ascot
Soccer great Hope Solo fights for equality
Former US attorneys call on Sessions to end 'zero tolerance'
$4,000 a minute pours in to help reunite families
Italy's Roma census plan sparks outrage
VAR: World Cup controversy explained
Trump's Space Force vs. Russia, China?
The women who fought Saudi's driving ban
How marijuana affects your sexual desire
Abramovich fulfills sick kids' Cup dreams
World's oldest Sumatran orangutan dies
Patients must choose: Deafness or death?
Emergency button could have prevented Dreamworld deaths, inquiry finds
Why Trump can't back down
Number of refugees hits five-year high
'We'll lose elephants within 5 years if we continue like this'
4 killed in Japan quake; 214 injured
Kim to visit China, Chinese state media says
Trump demands credit for getting along with Kim Jong Un
Pentagon stops plans for joint S Korea drills
\u003cstrong>Controversial rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in apparent robbery\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>Analysis:\u003c/strong> Trump's long history of don't blame me-ism
\u003cstrong>Trump administration:\u003c/strong> Separation policy isn't child abuse
Children cry out for parents in heartbreaking recording
'Incredibles 2': Seizure warnings
Saudi team lands safely after plane fire
Trump supporter disrupts De Niro's Broadway musical
Pompeo talks tough on trade, singling out China
Kane seals dramatic England victory
Trump orders creation of a Space Force
Trump's tweets get more bizarre
\u003cstrong>False claims:\u003c/strong> Trump says migration causing German crime spike
Belgium beat World Cup debutants Panama
Millennials face an unhealthy middle age
Ex-Israel minister charged with spying
\u003cstrong>'We will not apologize':\u003c/strong> Trump's homeland chief defends policy
Russia may have upgraded nuclear bunker
\u003cstrong>Analysis:\u003c/strong> White House should have seen this crisis coming
Afghans march hundreds of miles for peace
US, Chinese fans snap up World Cup tickets
Merkel given ultimatum over migration
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