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Maandag 22 oktober 2018
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\u003cstrong>Foreign minister blames a rogue operation as Western governments question account\u003c/strong>
Saudi Arabia tries to salvage investment conference
Saudi account doesn't correlate with facts
Khashoggi's fiancee shares final message
\u003cstrong>World's longest sea-crossing bridge opens this week\u003c/strong>
Man launches racist rant on Ryanair plane
Brexit deal 95% settled, May tells lawmakers
Report: UN's global war on drugs is a failure
5 killed in Costa Rican raft accident
Taiwan train derailment: 18 dead, 178 injured
Migrant caravan resumes march north
Netflix is canceling big Marvel show
Why is Trump ditching a decades-old arms control treaty?
Actress Selma Blair reveals she has MS
'Headless chicken monster' filmed in Southern Ocean
Magpies are terrifying Australia
Is the case against Weinstein unraveling?
Mitch McConnell confronted in restaurant
Galaxy 'supercluster' shows universe's past
\u003cstrong>Floor collapses at college homecoming party\u003c/strong>
Raikkonen denies Hamilton his fifth F1 title, for now
Australia says sorry to child abuse victims
4 million vote in Afghanistan
US lottery jackpots reach combined $2B
Lioness kills father of her cubs at US zoo
\u003cstrong> Pat Wiedenkeller:\u003c/strong> 2020 arrives early
\u003cstrong>John Avlon:\u003c/strong> America's disastrous 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' strategy
\u003cstrong>Dean Obeidallah:\u003c/strong> Hey, President Trump: It's not 'angry mobs'. It's 'angry moms'
\u003cstrong>Samantha Vinograd:\u003c/strong> Trump's stance on caravan could increase illegal immigration
Are women really more faithful than men?
What your sexual fantasies say about you
\u003cstrong>Massive dam threatens Egypt's part of Nile\u003c/strong>
Canada's legalization of marijuana could hurt farmers in poorer countries
In pictures: Pope Francis visits Ireland
The story of the 2018 F1 season so far
A deadly storm is coming in Syria
She wanted to be president, but ended up jailed instead
The crashes that changed Formula One

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US general shot during Afghanistan attack
MotoGP: Marquez clinches world title
What Twitter's massive new data dump reveals about Russian trolls
Surprising factors that may keep you thin
The silent struggle at the heart of Brexit
Thousands trapped at Mexico border
Trump stands alone as globe gathers at UN
MotoGP: Marc Marquez wins 2018 title
How the super rich are saving the seas
\u003cstrong>Pressure builds as Saudi explanation for Khashoggi death is questioned\u003c/strong>
'Perfect' Hamilton on the verge of greatness
The ideal diet to combat climate change
Far-right parties fight for influence in tiny Alpine region
Huge Powerball numbers drawn
Dodgers win NL pennant for World Series return
Why Trump can swallow Saudi story
Migrant caravan waits at Mexican border
US pulls out of multiple treaties
Satellite images suggest Russian military buildup in Baltic
Manhunt underway after Atlanta cop killed
US to end nuclear arms treaty with Russia
Saudis' story is preposterous, but MBS will get a pass
Huge crowds demand final say on Brexit deal
Saudi admission won't touch 'reformist' crown prince
What's Nikki Haley really up to?
How Dubai grew from the desert
Mourinho's fury as Chelsea snatches draw
Astronaut recounts harrowing failed launch
\u003cstrong>Khashoggi's friends: 'Give us Jamal, so we can have a funeral for him'\u003c/strong>
Russian troll threat hasn't gone away as US elections nears
Violence, tech glitches plague Afghan poll
US lawmakers skeptical about Saudi explanation
Kidnappers free Africa's youngest billionaire
How Russian trolls manipulated US politics
Saudi Arabia's full statement on the death of journalist
Silent struggle at the heart of Brexit
He went to Greece to help migrants, now he's accused of trafficking them
Mohammed bin Salman's inner circle takes the blame
Russian national charged with attempting to interfere in 2018 US midterm elections
Why this man thinks you should drink non-alcoholic gin
Democrats seek answers over Trump 'personal enrichment' from Saudi Arabia's government
Saudi authorities admit Khashoggi died in consulate in Istanbul
Dozens die in India when train hits crowd
She was refused drug to treat miscarriage because of his religion
EU: 'Poland must stop retiring judges'
Chaos as migrant caravan reaches border
Twitter shuts down bots pushing pro-Saudi message
Second Brexit referendum is wishful thinking
Trump may regret getting close to Saudi ruler
Assange sues Ecuador for 'violating his rights'
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465x Parachute opent niet op 300 meter: jonge vrouw zwaargewond
453x Almaci: ‘Willen De Wever voordeel van de twijfel geven’
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