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Vrijdag 14 december 2018
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\u003cstrong>No-deal Brexit looks likelier than ever as EU leaders send May home empty-handed\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>Second referendum: \u003c/strong>UK should vote again, Tony Blair says
\u003cstrong>Sticking point: \u003c/strong>Why is the Irish 'backstop' such a big deal?
\u003cstrong>Opinion:\u003c/strong> May's Brexit deal is dead on arrival. Now what?
\u003cstrong>Facebook reveals bug exposed 6.8 million users' photos \u003c/strong>
13 miners feared dead after being flooded in illegal mine
US student stabbed to death in the Netherlands
Budapest hit by second night of protests
Climate talks go right down to the wire
UN AIDS chief to step down after damning report on culture of sexual harassment
Gandhi statue removed over 'racist' writings
Leopard kills meditating monk
\u003cstrong>Trump offers new alternative facts to explain his problems\u003c/strong>
Rape survivors fight back against victim-blaming
Neanderthal genes could explain shape of our skulls
Dams spell disaster for SE Asian nation
How 3D printers are transforming flying
The year's brightest comet streaks by Earth this weekend
\u003cstrong>Harry and Meghan release wedding snap Christmas card\u003c/strong>
Global search for email bomb threats sender
Ireland passes historic abortion bill
Kosovo lawmakers approve army, as tensions with Serbia rise
Miss USA sparks controversy with comments about Asians
Chelsea shames fans for anti-Semitic chants
This app tells your doctor if you have malaria
World's most successful coach to quit
\u003cstrong>Seth B. Waxman\u003c/strong>: Sorry, President Trump, collusion IS a crime
\u003cstrong>Frida Ghitis:\u003c/strong> In 2019, the struggle to save democracy will face its key tests
\u003cstrong>Matt Bevington: \u003c/strong>Brexit chaos isn't going anywhere
\u003cstrong>Page Pate:\u003c/strong> In Charlottesville, hate didn't win
\u003cstrong>Crackdown on sexist ads outlaws bad female driver and inept dad commercials\u003c/strong>
Why Felipe Massa just couldn't stay retired
\u003cstrong>Everest climber's superhuman feat in the 'death zone'\u003c/strong>
The electric supercars lighting up 2018
The best sailing photographs of 2018
The definitive golf course bucket list
TOYOTA's golden era of rally driving
Classic cars reborn as electric vehicles
\u003cstrong>She opened a sex shop for women, then the backlash started\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>Will shake-up at London embassy leave Assange out in the cold?\u003c/strong>

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China temporarily cuts tariffs on US auto imports
Critical moment arrives in climate talks
Adele and Stormzy appear in emotional Grenfell Tower survivors video
\u003cstrong>Opinion:\u003c/strong> Brexit will weaken Europe, isolate Britain and fuel global tensions
EU tells May Brexit deal not up for renegotiation
Multiple bomb threats across the US
\u003cstrong>Trump was at illegal hush money meeting, source says\u003c/strong>
Why the US just sent Saudi, UAE $331M bill
40,000 killed by guns in US in year
Titanic was found during secret Cold War mission
US House declares crimes against Rohingya are genocide
Most surreal lines from Trump's Fox News interview
US slams China, Russia over 'predatory practices' in Africa
North Korean officials 'regret' Vietnam citizen's role in Kim Jong Nam murder
Criminal probe into Trump inauguration donations
\u003cstrong>Josh Campbell:\u003c/strong> The most damning revelation from the Cohen case
Trump pledges retaliation for GM layoffs
US Senate rebukes Trump, condemns Saudi crown prince for Khashoggi murder
Strasbourg shooting suspect killed by police
UK sees surge in reported far-right activity
Melania Trump's poll numbers plummet
Butina offering information on American she conspired with
Russia, without evidence, claims Butina 'tortured' in US custody
Alleged Russian agent's infiltration was anything but subtle
Beto leapfrogs most of 2020 Democratic field
Neanderthal genes could explain the shape of our skulls
Fire destroys 8,000 voting machines just days before election
National Enquirer deal a very big problem for Trump
Taylor Swift used facial recognition at concert to ID stalkers
Virgin Galactic's test flight successfully reaches space
Trump breaks silence on Cohen sentencing
Alleged Russian spy admits to conspiracy against US
Hungary's 'slave law' sparks protests
City spends $7K polishing door handles for royal visit
'What gives them the right to bomb us?'
New challenger 'Stars & Stripes' joins battle for Auld Mug
Yemen rivals agree to ceasefire
Trump's former friends are flipping
The $2.1 billion soccer agent business
Club mourning death of teen rugby prospect
The parents' guide to 'Fortnite' scams
Cannibal to police: I'm 'tired of eating human flesh'
Two killed in West Bank shooting attack
Wounded May seeks Brexit lifeline from EU
Is going gluten free good for everyone?
Keith Richards (almost) gives up booze
England's Lionesses reach 'for the moon' under Man Utd great
Foul-mouthed Santa horrifies parents
Exhausted Yemenis demand halt to war
Apple splashing $1 billion on new campus
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3001x Drie vrouwen neergestoken in Neurenberg
2244x Jean-Pierre Van Rossem is overleden op 73-jarige leeftijd
1884x Assita Kanko wordt kopstuk voor de N-VA
1802x Milo Meskens rekent af met overspelige vriendin (en krijgt hulp van Regi)
1429x Vlaams Bouwmeester: ‘Ons eten moet drie keer duurder worden’
1336x Nervositeit bij N-VA over lijstvorming
1330x LIVE. Nationale actiedag: Vakbondsleden bekladden VBO-gebouw in Brussel
1316x “Mark Eyskens vroeg als minister van Financiën of het in het zwart kon”
1262x Dochter Kaat Tilley opent restaurant: “Mama zou trots zijn, dat weet ik zeker”
1228x Ziekenfondsen tot 20 procent duurder
1219x Gewezen Moneytron-girl Katleen Borgerhoff (53) wees verliefde Jean-Pierre Van Rossem af: "Nooit seks met hem gehad, en al zeker niet in de auto"
1218x Dit was het jaar van Pornhub in cijfers
1040x Vijf jaar cel voor “huiveringwekkende” groepsverkrachting
969x Jean-Pierre Van Rossem (73) overleden
836x De Wever sluit hotel waar tienerpooiers actief zijn
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