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Woensdag 27 januari 2021
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\u003cstrong>Pharmaceutical giant says EU vaccine delivery dates weren't guaranteed, and UK were quick with orders\u003c/strong>
January has been US' deadliest month for Covid-19
Covid has killed 100,000 people in the UK. Experts say government is getting it wrong
\u003cstrong>Opinion:\u003c/strong> Bill and Melinda Gates: Covid will change how world thinks about health forever
Biden sets bold timeline for a return to normal life
All but five Republican senators oppose Trump impeachment trial
Can a country accused of genocide host the Olympics?
Dethroned Italian prince criticized over Holocaust Memorial Day apology
New report says sexual harassment claims against dead Seoul mayor were credible
Yulia Navalnaya's husband was poisoned and detained. Now she is piling pressure on Putin
TikTok laying off staff in India
Why you should update your iPhone now
Why the world's two richest men are fighting
Zlatan scores, clashes with Lukaku and gets red card in fiery Milan derby
Dwayne Johnson says late dad 'would have loved' new TV series 'Young Rock'
Elliot Page and Emma Portner say they are divorcing
Elon Musk tweet fuels frenzied GameStop surge
Indian farmers ramp up their protest by riding tractors into the capital
MyPillow CEO banned from Twitter
What swearing says about you
Business exec and his wife charged after flying into remote Canadian town to get Covid-19 vaccine
Sanofi to help produce 100 million Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine doses
WHO team in Wuhan to begin long-delayed coronavirus investigation after clearing quarantine
What you need to know about coronavirus today
Brazil's health minister under investigation over health system collapse
New Zealand's borders may stay shut for most of the year
NASA astronauts conduct spacewalk Wednesday
Goldman Sachs slashes CEO pay by $10 million over massive scandal
How older adults with chronic illnesses can assess whether to get the Covid-19 vaccine
Florida led the world in shark attacks again in 2020
\u003cstrong>The teenage twins pushing each other to pro golf success\u003c/strong>
Anxiety robbing your sleep? A weighted blanket may help
These 7 Earth-size exoplanets named after beer may be incredibly similar
Justin Timberlake doesn't want to be 'weirdly private' about his kids
The material that could revolutionize solar power
Touching photos reveal Tiger Woods' rise to fame

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California revamps Covid-19 vaccine delivery system
White people are getting vaccinated at higher rates
Even with vaccine distribution set to increase, upcoming months could be rough
'Hunger Games' approach blamed for vaccine woes
Pharmacist to plead guilty to tampering with Covid-19 vaccine vials
Trump adds another South Carolina lawyer to impeachment defense team amid questions of whether he will pay them
Walmart's latest strategy to get your stuff to you faster
Thailand backs amendment allowing early-stage abortions
Democrats weighing whether to call witnesses for trial
\u003cstrong>Analysis:\u003c/strong> Republicans still have one big card to play this year
Global Covid cases surpass 100 million
Europe threatens to restrict vaccine exports
\u003cstrong>Analysis:\u003c/strong> Biden sets course to tackle America's oldest fault line
Biden confronts Putin over several issues in first call, White House says
Global tally of confirmed Covid cases surpasses 100 million
Senators sworn in for Trump impeachment trial
Rafael Nadal calls for 'wider perspective' from players in quarantine
\u003cstrong>Analysis:\u003c/strong> What Marco Rubio gets wrong about impeachment
'Bizarre' dinosaur Spinosaurus behaved like a giant, flightless stork, study says
Gunmen abduct 8 children from orphanage
Some dogs can learn new words after hearing them only four times
\u003cstrong>Analysis: \u003c/strong>Here's a secret for why Congress gets nothing done
UK police officers facing fines after having haircuts at police station
The Republican Party is at war with itself
\u003cstrong>Analysis: \u003c/strong>How Oregon just proved Trump isn't going anywhere
US Capitol officers debating no-confidence vote for leaders in charge during Capitol riots
In the nearly 232-year history of the US Senate there have only been 11 Black senators
Target drops Chaokoh coconut milk over allegations of monkey labor
'Tough-but-fair' Tulsa course to host 2022 PGA Championship
Covid has killed 100,000 people in the UK. Experts say government is getting it wrong
Two of TikTok's competitors are merging
America's billionaires have grown $1.1 trillion richer during the pandemic
The stock market is at peak dumb: Etsy soars because Elon Musk tweets about it
Biden sets course to tackle America's oldest fault line
Kobe Bryant wasn't just an NBA star. He was an ambassador for all sports
GameStop's surge is captivating Wall Street
Air pollution is linked to an increased risk of irreversible sight loss, study finds
New Covid variants pose major risk to the global economy
8 myths about the Covid-19 vaccine -- Dr. Wen explains
Full extent of inequality in the Middle East becomes clear in vaccine rollout
Italian PM Conte resigns following Covid-19 crisis
She won this grand slam event 11 times, but says she hasn't been invited back this year
Dogs likely migrated to the Americas with humans over 15,000 years ago, study says
Why swearing is a sign of intelligence, helps manage pain and more
\u003cstrong>Pfizer and AstraZeneca take heat as vaccine delays threaten Europe's recovery\u003c/strong>
Trump's case now in Senate's hands. Here's what's next
\u003cstrong>Opinion\u003c/strong>: Could Trump derail his impeachment trial?
Biden to sign executive orders related to 'equity'
China is rehearsing for when it overtakes America
Protesting Indian farmers break through barricades in the capital
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748x Bijna twee derde van de tandpasta's beschermt je tanden niet goed, zegt Test Aankoop
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