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\u003cstrong>Demonstrations in Jerusalem, West Bank and Jordan as anger reignites over holy city\u003c/strong>
Pence's visit to Israel delayed due to tax vote
Palestinians enraged by Trump decision
\u003cstrong>Spain braced for messy Catalonia vote\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>Prince Harry, Meghan Markle announce wedding date\u003c/strong>
EU agrees to second stage of Brexit talks
Calls to end priest celibacy rejected
Russian election date set for March 2018
Surgeon branded initials on patients' livers
Rahul Gandhi to be sworn in as India's Congress party leader
UN official warns of conflict with N Korea
Revealed: Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year...
Putin: US is infected with 'espionage mania'
Def Jam founder faces rape claims
South Africa's future hangs in balance
John McCain increasingly frail, sources say
Pires: Arsenal 'Invincibles' would beat Pep's Man. City
Eight planets found orbiting distant star
10 health questions that had you Googling this year
Meet the man who lives in an Olympic stadium
Does Christmas music turn you into the Grinch?
\u003cstrong>Marianne Schnall: \u003c/strong>2018 will be the year of women
\u003cstrong>Mitchell Baker:\u003c/strong> US creates an 'internet for the elite'
\u003cstrong>Kerra Bolton: \u003c/strong>How black women saved democracy
Champions League: The 16 teams qualified for the knockout stages
Take a tour of the 2018 Russia World Cup stadiums
These are the teams that will play at the Russia 2018 World Cup
Extreme skier's head for heights
People sold as slaves for just $400
'Everest of the Seas:' Four-hour sleeps, freeze dried food

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Gene therapy cures blood disease
The week in 29 photos
UN calls on Myanmar to release journalists
N Korea tension reveals rift between US aides
Shocking Australian child abuse inquiry ends
Australian child sex offender stopped at airport under new 'world-first' laws
\u003cstrong>Investigation opens on Russell Simmons amid rape allegations\u003c/strong>
Murder suspect in Charlottesville charged
US is cutting some military aid to Somalia amid allegations of misuse
Opioid tramadol fuels terror in Africa
S Korean journalist beaten at summit
White House and Tillerson at odds over N. Korea talks
Why North Korean 'ghost ships' are washing up in Japan
Ex-diplomat: Trump, Tillerson hurting ability to 'avert disaster'
Surgeon admits branding patients' livers
US intercepts Russian jets over Syria
Haley: Debris 'proof' Iran supplying Houthis
Leader of far-right UK group arrested
Gene therapy cures blood disorder
Ryan 'soul searching' on future in Congress
Cannabis compound is safe, WHO says
Netflix: This is the start of a longer legal battle
Why the frenzy for this rifle?
ADHD drug use in pregnancy increases risk of heart defects
\u003cstrong>Stephen Moore: \u003c/strong>On tax cuts, Trump is the modern day JFK
Royals join Grenfell fire memorial
Sexual violence rife in Kenyan elections
Historic equal pay agreement for soccer stars
Survivor: Baby born with heart outside body
Pence's visit to Israel delayed
Reporter beaten at S Korea-China summit
Backlash against cyclist Chris Froome
Where ISIS gets its weapons
Patrick Stewart wants in on Tarantino's 'Star Trek'
African innovations that could change the world
US lawmaker dead after sex assault claims
Africa leaps forward into space technology
May at EU summit after Brexit vote defeat
Sandy Hook 5 years on: The victims
Child sex abuse in Australian institutions
Why more teens are smoking marijuana
Israel closes Gaza border crossings
Myanmar's military: The power Aung San Suu Kyi can't control
At least 6,700 Rohingya killed in a month
Accounts of rape, burning children: How a massacre unfolded
\u003cstrong>Tim King:\u003c/strong> Brexit is keeping the EU united -- for now
Child sex offender stopped at airport
Ex-Weinstein associate faces accusations
8 numbers that should terrify Republicans
Airbus jet draws Christmas tree over Germany
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2093x Woeste bestuurder rijdt kinderen klem, gaat hen te lijf en duwt hoofd over reling snelwegbrug
1729x Pakjesbezorger verliest erfenis van 562.000 euro en betaalt 21 euro verzendingskosten terug om het goed te maken
1722x Wat zit er echt in een curryworst?
1295x Antwerpse ex-Miss België wordt onenightstand van Kürt Rogiers
1266x Belgische IS-strijder: "Ik heb cruciale info voor Belgische veiligheidsdiensten"
1246x Kijklustigen trachten politie te schoppen tijdens interventie: snelle respons team moet gemoederen bedaren
1158x Mike verklapt hoe het echt is om een bekende pornoster als vriendin te hebben
1126x Betere behandeling voor uitgezaaide prostaatkanker
1048x Jongen (9) vindt zijn mama (28) dood in bed terwijl hij zich klaarmaakt om naar school te gaan
968x Noord-Koreaanse topgeneraal plots verdwenen: “Kim Jong-un liet hem uit de weg ruimen”
954x 'Prins Laurent heeft altijd geld te kort'
913x Acteur Marc Van Eeghem (57) overleden
883x VLM-stichter Freddy Van Gaever overleden
832x Internet wordt nooit meer hetzelfde
820x Bij vertrek Bracke dreigt electorale aderlating voor N-VA Gent
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