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Zaterdag 23 februari 2019
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\u003cstrong>US President intends to play an active role in the Democratic primary\u003c/strong>
White House's new counter to collusion claims is nonsensical
How Trump's sanctions are crippling Iran
All the President's broken men
Hillary Clinton met with Biden on 2020
R. Kelly indicted on 10 counts of criminal sexual assault
'Empire' axes actor over 'fake attack' charge
Woman dies after eating at Michelin-starred restaurant
Woman killed in standoff with Venezuelan military
Thousands still living under ISIS control
Kraft Heinz posts $12.6 billion loss
Bear Grylls in hot water after boiling frog
World's biggest Nutella factory temporarily shut
Tesla's miserable week ends on a high note
How Branson hopes to defy Maduro
Inside South Korea's 'nut rage' family
Catholic Church's problems with abuse are playing out in India amid summit
Church 'can't be trusted to police itself'
Nike takes hit after Duke star's shoe bursts
Chelsea fined $600K and given transfer ban
Group: Time's Up CEO resigned after sexual assault claims were made against her son
Zenit fans give team bus fiery welcome
Iceland to allow 2,000 whales be killed in next five years
Botswana mulls turning elephants into pet food
Bowser takes over Nintendo ... for real
Israel's privately funded moon mission lifts off
Nigerians ready for election day (again)
How Novak Djokovic bounced back
White Turf: Horse racing with a touch of frost
Why Kylian Mbappe is the new Pele
\u003cstrong>Jonathan A. Greenblatt: \u003c/strong>Smollett case so disturbing because risk of hate so real
\u003cstrong>Peter Bergen:\u003c/strong> Officer's alleged massacre plot a terrifying echo of our politics
\u003cstrong>Mubaraz Ahmed:\u003c/strong> Debunk myths around ISIS brides
\u003cstrong>Elie Honig:\u003c/strong> If this isn't obstruction of justice ...
Senegal's youngest presidential candidate wants to cut colonial-era ties with France
Best photos from the 2019 ski season
Classic cars reborn as electric vehicles
The world's most beautiful racecourses
\u003cstrong>'Salt Queen' works to transform health of a nation\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>Migrants to Yemen unaware of bombs and bodies ahead\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>German teen ISIS wife wed at 15. Two kids later she faces uncertain future\u003c/strong>

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Police: Jussie Smollett paid brothers $3,500 to stage his attack
How police uncover evidence in the Jussie Smollett case
The world looks longingly at a post-Trump era
Trump admin pushes for tougher action on Iran, swipes at Europe
Police attacked after women held for wearing hijabs 'improperly'
Iran parades missile during anniversary of US Embassy takeover
Billionaire who made moon lander possible
'Bunch of jerks:' How to celebrate a win
Ice climbing helped her out of addiction
Shamima Begum's sister: Baby is 'innocent'
Smollett apologizes to 'Empire' cast and crew but maintains innocence
Analysis: What Roger Stone doesn't get
Opinion: There is no national emergency
Elizabeth Warren demands answers after CNN report on US weapons in Yemen
Google eliminating forced arbitration practice
Venezuela closes border with Brazil
World's food supply at risk: UN report
ISIS bride's father sues US administration
Chinese shoppers can now get an iPhone for less than $30 a month
Ford investigates its fuel economy
About 200 US troops to stay in Syria
Peter Tork, Monkees guitarist, dead at 77
World's largest bee spotted
Border wall about to become Mitch McConnell's biggest nightmare
Did volcanoes contribute to the demise of the dinosaurs?
Saudi crown prince to meet with Xi
Coast Guard officer accused of massacre plot 'inspired by Norway shooting'
Why Bernie Sanders' $6M haul is so important
Long-disputed hippo cull to begin in May
Massive fire in Bangladesh kills at least 70
Tesla Model 3 loses safety recommendation
ISIS operative linked to 2015 Paris attacks likely killed in airstrike
What this should teach politicians (but probably won't)
Stone barred from speaking about case
Fox says it's 'considering our options' after 'Empire' star's arrest
Jussie Smollett's supporters were quick to post to social media in the beginning. Now it's his doubters.
UK opposition calls for ISIS bride's return
Director clarifies controversial 'Ghostbusters' remark
Basketball coach hits, kills man on highway
Google Doodle celebrates Steve Irwin
Man. City fan in 'critical condition' after alleged assault
Actor accused of paying men $3,500 to stage attack on him
Space probe fires bullet into asteroid
Samsung's new foldable smartphone: Gimmick or game changer?
Tiny tyrannosaur fossil discovery changes dinosaur timeline
Aid is piling up on Venezuela's border
Drone at Dublin Airport brings flights to halt
Can squid solve plastic pollution in oceans?
Jussie Smollett paid $3,500 to stage his attack, police say
'New LeBron' injured when Nike shoe bursts
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2648x Levensverhaal. Zoon (31) van hartchirurg overlijdt aan hartfalen: “Leef! Alsof het je laatste dag is, was op zijn jonge lijf geschreven”
2135x ‘Jongeren kunnen of willen Martine Tanghe niet meer imiteren’
1906x Anthony Kumpen loopt tegen dopinglamp: vier jaar geschorst
1748x Hoe een Duitse prostituee de tweede echtgenote werd van een Belgisch IS-commandant
1736x SP.A zet paardenmiddel in voor woningrenovatie
1585x Dader overspelmoord stapt uit het leven: wat met hun drie kinderen, die nu plots wezen zijn?
1284x Afgedreigd om fout shirt: hoe Thiam op EK 2018 bijna uit competitie werd gehaald door atletiekbond
1148x Opmerkelijk: actrice speelt tegelijk een rol in ‘Familie’ en in ‘Thuis’
1136x Wonderknaap van twaalf bouwt werkende kernfusiereactor in zijn kamer
1102x Europese porno-industrie stilgelegd door HIV-alarm
1083x Nederlands meisje (6) raakt zwaargewond in Franse skilift, en niemand die het doorheeft
1061x Rik Daems doet zijn wijndomein van de hand
1059x Deze stoeltjeslift uit de jaren 60 jaagt je de stuipen op het lijf
1015x Willy Kuijpers: ‘Ook collaborateurs verdienen een pensioen’
942x ‘Temptation’-verleidster Chloë krijgt de modellen die ze niet betaalde aan de deur: “Waar is ons geld?”
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