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Maandag 19 maart 2018
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The Independent(7:17:20)
Johnson accuses Russia of secret programme to stockpile nerve agent
McDonnell defends Corbyn's response to Russia nerve agent attack
London woman named world's best teacher with $1m prize
Johnson defends playing tennis match in return for £160,000 Russian donation
London Mayor accused of ‘lip service’ as rough sleepers face eviction
Cold War UK diplomat criticises Williamson over Russia spy rhetoric
Former CIA director brands Donald Trump a 'disgraced demagogue'
Hawking predicted 'end of the universe' just before dying
Richard Dawkins complains people keep thinking he's Stephen Hawking
Thousands across Europe march in protest against racial discrimination
Brexit Committee bitter row over plan to delay EU withdrawal
UK has further anti-Russia steps up its sleeve – including ditching World Cup
Turkish forces seize control of Afrin and tear down Kurdish statue
Hundreds flee homes in Australia as fires started by lightning rage
France's position on the Salisbury nerve agent attack explained
Donald Trump Jr's wife Vanessa files for divorce
Vladimir Putin suggests Jews could have meddled in US elections
NRA sues over Florida's brand-new gun control law
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Polio vaccination team ambushed and two members killed in Pakistan
Militants to be executed for hacking shrine worker to death
Five family members killed during battle between India and Pakistan
Lawyers seek $20m from porn star for saying she had affair with Trump
Comey to reveal new information on Trump in nationwide book tour
'Nonsense' to suggest Russia poisoned Salisbury spy, claims Putin
Sajid Javid becomes latest MP to receive 'Punish a Muslim' letter
Philippines hotel fire kills three and traps two, as hundreds flee
A new school in India will prioritise happiness instead of grades
A Romanian court has ruled that a man is dead, even though he's alive
Putin poised for huge winning margin in Russian election
Republican who called Florida survivor 'skinhead lesbian' quits race
Matt Damon forced to deny he's moving to Australia to escape Trump
Aung San Suu Kyi facing prosecution for crimes against humanity

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Vladimir Putin seals fourth election term with 73.9% of the vote
Meet the world's deadliest female sniper who terrorized the Nazis
McDonnell defends Corbyn's response to Russia nerve agent attack
Man 'who had been asked to leave' drives car into nightclub in Kent
Britain just set a new national record for wind power production
Johnson says UK has evidence of Russia stockpiling deadly nerve agent
Russian official suggests spy nerve agent could have come from UK lab
Academy president John Bailey 'investigated for sexual harassment'
Road and airline disruption as UK told to prepare for more snow
UK weather: The latest Met Office forecast
Officials ruled crack was safe hours before Florida bridge collapse
Warnings more snow set to cut off communities and cause blackouts
Brexit Committee bitter row over plan to delay EU withdrawal
Former FBI director Andrew McCabe sacked two days before retirement
Inquiry into Cambridge Analytica launched in Massachusetts
UK has further anti-Russia steps up its sleeve – including ditching World Cup
Cold War UK diplomat criticises Williamson over Russia spy rhetoric
Diphtheria outbreak in Yemen infects more than 1,300 people, says WHO
China to ban citizens with bad 'social credit' from using transport
Richard Dawkins complains people keep thinking he's Stephen Hawking
Russia goes to the polls with the winner never in any doubt
Russian exiles 'contacted over safety' after Glushkov murder
Exiled Catalan minister condemns silence over separatist prisoners
Picture of spy's BMW released as police hunting poisoners focus on car
Former CIA director brands Donald Trump a 'disgraced demagogue'
PM warns Russia UK 'will never tolerate threat to life of Britons'
Warning about cracks in Miami bridge unheeded before deadly collapse
Inside the real Russia: What ordinary citizens really think of Putin
Transition surgery improves quality of life for trans women, study says
Detective infected by Salisbury nerve agent 'no longer critical'
Reality TV show 'snake whisperer' dies after being bitten by cobra
Two women shot dead at house in St Leonards
UK Security Council to meet after Russia expels 23 British diplomats
Thousands flee Eastern Ghouta as Assad forces redouble assault
Live updates from Dublin’s most famous pub on St Patrick's Day
War of words over spy poisoning gets personal
Russia expels 23 British diplomats as diplomatic spat intensifies
Andrew McCabe sacked by Jeff Sessions two days before retirement
Russian election 2018: some want change, but Putin still cert to win
African countries tell EU to ban ivory trade
Hacker Adrian Lamo dies, aged 37
Who was Nikolai Glushkov?
Malfunctioning ski lift hurls tourists to the floor
First Polar bear cub born in Britain in 25 years makes its debut
Gamer fights off samurai sword-wielding girlfriend with bare hands
Students face detention for participating in gun violence protest
Britain First leader Paul Golding 'beaten up by inmates in prison'
Ahmad Hassan convicted of attempted murder
Man who won $19m in lottery pleads guilty to bank robbery
Black man beaten at rally cleared of assaulting white supremacist
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