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Mail Online(14:46:39)
Save the date! Meghan and Harry to marry on May 19 - the same day as the FA Cup final, Kensington Palace reveals
Now for the hard bit: Brussels lays down the law to demand a Brexit transition that includes a ban on trade deals while keeping free movement and it WON'T open full-blown trade talks until at least March
'Just be­cause I'm on benefits shouldn't mean they miss out': Mother-of-six defends spending £2,000 to give her children 11 Christmas presents EACH as she says 'it's our money so b****r off' 
'God's gift to women? He's only had two girlfriends!': Osteopathy student who blasted a girl on Bumble as a '5 or 6 who needed to go to the gym' is publicly scolded by his mother who added 'I hope he hasn't been cruel' 
How long you can REALLY keep cheese in the fridge for (and some last for more than a MONTH after you've opened them)
Ex-boyfriend of barmaid, 25, who was strangled to death before her body was dumped outside garages is found dead in prison hours before he was due to appear in court 
Prosecutor slams 'sheer incompetence' of police who said 'rape victim's' texts fantasising about violent sex were too PERSONAL to share with defence as student she accused is cleared after two year ordeal
Is this why Kim Kardashian and Rihanna are fans? Keto diet burns TEN TIMES more fat than a standard diet - even without exercise, finds study
Mother who let her children start drinking when they turned 13 insists it helps them learn how to handle booze (after she lost her own mother to alcoholism)
Mystery as pensioner, 70, bursts into flames and dies from his injuries while walking on a London street as investigators say they can find NO reason why he spontaneously combusted
Trio accused of murder after four children were killed in an horrific arson attack on their family home arrive for their first appearance in Crown Court 
Boris Johnson downs a can of peach juice from Fukushima given to him by Japanese minister to prove goods from the nuclear meltdown zone are safe 
Homeless hero stands in the pouring rain for two hours to guard handbag containing £450 cash after finding it left on a car seat with the window down
Parents' fury as Aldi's sell-out £2.99 carrot toys appear on eBay for up to £1,000 after sparking lengthy queues and even SCRUMS in stores
Construction worker, 23, tried to suffocate his own mother and threatened to slit her throat after flying into a rage when he came home drunk and lost his house keys 
'I have ruined my life': German jihadi schoolgirl facing execution is reunited with her mother and sister in Iraq for the first time after running away to Mosul and marrying an ISIS fighter 
Robbery victim, 23, left blind after being shot in the face, has the 3cm-long bullet pulled out through his NOSTRIL by surgeons who did it without a single incision
EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Ayling kidnap suspect makes damning phone call from Italian jail as he is recorded telling his mother to 'delete encrypted emails and dump car used in abduction'
Rat manor: Ramshackle home is so overrun with rodents locals claim 'rats are eating other rats and licking moisture off the windows'
Bollywood star, 35, who could be one of Meghan Markle's bridesmaids is revealed to have 257,623 UNREAD emails (let's hope the royal wedding invite is sent in the mail) 
Royals cash in on Harry and Meghan: Sandringham and Kensington Palace gift shops are selling £6.99 mugs and £4.99 gold-plated spoons embossed with the couple's beaming image 
Bengali student, 16, was told 'don't mess with our blood' as he was given a savage 'honour' beating by a group of Pakistani men for dating a girl from their family
BREAKING NEWS: School bus driver dies and several children injured as coach carrying 13 crashes with lorry 
Strictly unsurprising! How ALL four finalists have a background in dance or musical theatre (and the less than amateur line-up comes after the public cried 'fix')
Teacher, 44, who sent a video of himself singing 'I Will Always Love You' and crude stickman Snapchat doodles to a 16-year-old pupil during their six-month affair is banned from teaching for life
'Despicable' thugs who beat a terminally ill cancer patient with a hammer so hard he suffered a bleed on the brain before he died six months later are jailed for a total of 30 years
Litter-ally adorable! Snaps shared online of proud dogs with their lookalike puppies will melt your heart
Nearly 40% of cancer deaths could be prevented by eight simple lifestyle changes and would stop 3.1 million from dying each year
Irish teacher, 26, fights for life in Dubai after fainting and hitting her head in the classroom before suffering three seizures
EXCLUSIVE: Australian Ashes cricket star Nathan Lyon passionately kisses glamorous blonde he has been secretly dating for a YEAR - leaving the mother of his two children 'devastated'
Austria's new chancellor says he will follow eastern European countries' example and reject mandatory migrant quotas set by the EU 
Amir Khan STILL hasn't seen pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom since his I'm A Celeb stint... as he jets from the jungle to Dubai and parties with a bevvy of air stewardesses on the plane instead
Are you suffering from post-Christmas party fear? Embarrassing memories shared by cringeing (and hungover) office workers will make you feel MUCH better
Dublin's new £324m tram is blasted as test reveals it takes nine minutes to complete a journey that takes just seven to WALK
Looks really CAN be deceiving! The VERY startling snaps that all have a perfectly simple explanation
Jamie Oliver says his young children get PERMISSION to swear on Christmas Day - but bans his extended family from their turkey dinner
Police release CCTV in a bid to trace two drivers after woman, 29, was killed in a 'multiple hit-and-run' when she was struck by two lorries and two cars 
'You're a coward - deal with it': Rape victim who was strangled and assaulted after a night out appeals directly to her 'ski mask-wearing' attacker to hand himself in to police
Jeremy Corbyn wins peace prize named after former IRA leader for his campaign for nuclear disarmament
Father of 22-year-old British backpacker fighting for her life after contracting a mystery brain illness in Australia reveals she may have fallen ill after being bitten by a SPIDER 
The most-viewed properties for sale in 2017 revealed - including a £150k former church and a 10-bed detached London house costing £30m
Paul Hollywood's big break in America is blown three months after replacing Mary Berry... as The Great American Baking Show is cancelled over sexual assault allegations against a US judge
Mark Wahlberg is named most overpaid actor of 2017 by Forbes with $68m in he just edges out Christian Bale for the inglorious title
'We are cursed!': Heartbroken couple lose three children: Son, 25, and daughter, 26, 'kill themselves' within two weeks of each other three years after the death of their pregnant sister, 26 
'She's going to be a beacon': Idris Elba says Meghan Markle will be a 'role model' for all women in Britain as he meets Prince Charles
The smile of success? Matchmaker who 'set up Meghan and Prince Harry' looks cheerful as she takes a stroll with her dog
Horror as man in his 30s has acid thrown in his face as he answers his front door at 6am before police strip him naked in the street to treat his wounds
'I'm sobbing!': This Morning viewers left in tears as little girl who had pioneering £80k operation to fix her spine walks unaided to meet Father Christmas
Future superstars! American primary school children's impersonation of the Jackson Five goes viral with 35 MILLION views
You're Saint Nicked! Man is ordered by police to remove fake Father Christmas beard in Austria under its laws banning the burka 
Tourist falls 260ft to her death after trying to urinate on the edge of a cliff after partying in Bali
'Whatever': College student inspires others to share their most hilarious exchanges with TEACHERS after he tweeted his professor's very blunt one-word email response
Is Rudolph really a girl? Online theory claims Santa's reindeer are all actually FEMALE (and scientists explain it's all because of their antlers)
Talk about bad romance! Snapshots of VERY brutal break-ups will make your most painful split seem amicable  
NASA finds a second solar system as big as ours: Google AI hunt finds an EIGHTH planet orbiting distant Kepler 90 star in breakthrough in hunt for aliens
A glimpse into the future? Fascinating visualisation shows how Greenland would look without its ice sheet
Church of England smeared bishop as a child abuser on inadequate and unconvincing evidence from just one woman, independent review finds
Miss Iraq's family are forced to flee the country after the beauty queen posed for a selfie with Miss Israel, prompting fury in Baghdad 
Tory rebel Nicky Morgan is heckled on Question Time and accused of 'humiliating' the Prime Minister after she joined with Labour to inflict Commons defeat on May
A good day for democracy! How stupid do they think we are? RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says if they could kill Brexit, these so-called Tories would be happy to live in Corbyn's Britain 
Millionaire plumber and Tory donor claims he's been BARRED from exclusive 'Black and White' fundraising ball for calling on May to quit
Miss Soubry sat on her own. She rather likes being unpopular: QUENTIN LETTS sees questions to the Brexit Department after Tory MPs rebelled
Tory rebels have INCREASED the chances of a hard Brexit, say critics: Brussels warns its leaders will not return to the negotiating table if MPs vote down final deal 
'Isn't this a family programme?' Louise Redknapp under fire for singing the word 'b****ing' as she performs her new song on Strictly before the watershed
Father-of-six, 78, is run over and killed by his OWN CAR in freak accident after falling out of the door while moving it on his snow-covered driveway at 1am 
Trump gives Rupert Murdoch his blessing to sell most of his media empire to Disney for $52.4billion 'after mogul promised the president sale won't affect Fox News Channel'
Rivals Sky and BT make peace with groundbreaking deal to sell each others' TV channels to their customers
Catholic priests' celibacy is partially to blame for the sexual abuse of thousands of children in Australia, five-year inquiry finds, as widespread abuse by care institutions is revealed
Sir Bradley Wiggins' wife brands Chris Froome a 'slithering reptile' as she accuses Team Sky of 'throwing my boy under the bus to cover' for him
'I wouldn't want him married to anyone close': Matt Damon tears into Weinstein but says Hollywood sex scandal is 'on a spectrum' and DEFENDS Louis C.K. who 'probably wouldn't do it again'
Dustin Hoffman 'invited his daughter's friend, 16, back to his hotel and exposed himself to her when he came out of the shower in 1980 then asked for a foot rub'
Harrods sells out of Aspinal of London handbags after online error sees £950 luxury Italian leather bags listed for as little as £8
'Is it... White Christmas?' Woman behind sex toy that vibrates in time to festive tunes asks passersby if they can identify their favourite classics simply by HOLDING it as it buzzes
Attention! Prince Harry steps in for the Queen at Sandhurst to inspect the recruits and present the Sword of Honour to the top-performing cadet at the prestigious military academy
'This is horrendous and dangerous': Domestic violence campaign is blasted for featuring a woman who got help so she could stay 'together, but safely' with her abusive husband 
AI brain chips will 'evolve' humanity into a 'community of ZOMBIES' who are indistinguishable from robots, expert claims
'Selfitis' is a genuine mental disorder: Psychologists have created a behaviour test to decide whether those who post pictures on social media need help, so how do YOU score?
'Special site' for Bronze Age burials is found near Loch Ness after the discovery of a second 4,000-year-old mystery grave containing a gift for the afterlife
British samurai sword expert, 51, disemboweled himself with his own weapon by committing hara-kiri in the tradition of ancient Japanese warriors 
Serbian 'Rambo' who 'killed two men before going on the run and living off the land in Italy' is arrested for shooting dead three people in two incidents in Spain
Romanian nurse, 32, who used a pen and a drinking straw in bizarre bid to relieve a patient's constipation is banned from working in Britain 
Woman, 25, who was accused of sexual assault and theft against a taxi driver after an incident involving an 'almost comical' chase around his cab walks free from court
Vladimir Putin was a STUNT MAN in 1970s war films, his friend claims
'I don't regret shooting myself': Depressed woman left horribly disfigured after she blasted herself in the face with a revolver says she is glad she did because she has now found love 
'Melts my heart': Deaf student, 15, moves viewers to tears as he tells how he had a cochlear implant fitted because he wanted to hear his parents say his name
Indian doctors remove a 3kg tumour that had been 'slowly growing' inside a 65-year-old man for his entire life during a three-hour operation
3-mile-wide 'potentially hazardous' asteroid will skim past Earth TOMORROW in its closest pass in 40 years
Did going vegan CURE this man's cancer? Father-of-two claims his stage 4 cancer went into remission after switching to a strict animal-free diet and refusing other treatment
Knife-killer, 30, who is serving life for murdering a devoted father-of-two is fighting for life after being beaten up and stabbed in the lung in prison
EXCLUSIVE: Bullied American boy's Aryan Nation father pointed an AK-47 at him and his mother: Horrific childhood of kid who won hearts is laid bare as family battle claims of racism
Furious campaigners blast the 'weak' decision by the Government to only ban scandal-hit vaginal mesh for ONE procedure
Dalai Lama launches iPhone app... but it's blocked on Apple's China app store so most Tibetans can't access it 
A QUARTER of teens smoke marijuana: New figures reveal young people are shunning hard drugs and cigarettes for vaping and weed
Could cannabis be a CURE for psychosis? Key compound in the drug has been found to ease hallucinations, reveals 'promising' study
'I was walking like John Wayne and wearing an adult nappy': Blogger posts a VERY candid near-naked snap just hours after giving birth - to share her 'postpartum reality' with fellow mums
Young children who grow up exposed to air pollution are more likely to develop asthma due to their undeveloped lungs, study finds
The squeak of seduction: Researchers find mice use higher-pitched 'voices' when talking to the opposite sex
AI brain chips will create a new breed of superhumans who can 'communicate via TELEPATHY'
The best foods and drinks to CURE a hangover this Christmas party season as revealed by a dietitian 
Patients hit by norovirus up 70% in a week: More than 1,300 cases recorded putting further pressure on number of hospital beds 

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We're Finnished with the EU! Finland presidential hopeful says she will take country out of the bloc
Rugged cliffs, spectacular caves and barely another soul in sight: Why a forgotten town near Britain's most northerly point makes for an amazing Highlands escape
Sir Bradley Wiggins' wife brands Chris Froome a 'slithering reptile' as she accuses Team Sky of 'throwing my boy under the bus to cover' for him
PICTURED: Drugs 'Queenpin' behind multi-million dollar weed 'fortress' is busted 'netting a fortune and using it to fund lavish lifestyle' as a respected mom in upscale California neighborhood
Take me ho-ho-home! Hilarious photos of children having a terrible time on Santa's knee prove there is a limit to the festive spirit (and even Father Christmas looks tired)
Youth knife crime now at its highest level since 2009: Courts deals with more than 4,400 cases involving 10 to 17-year-olds over 12-month period 
Don't let your children drink wine with a meal: Report says it is a myth that letting under-14s have alcohol with food prevents bingeing 
Sorry Churchill, vets want to ban flat-faced dogs in adverts because it is increasing demand for pets with deformities 
Revealed: The osteopathy student 'who told his Bumble date she was a 5 or 6 who should go to the gym' - but claims his account was hacked by his 'drunk friends' 
Where's Rudolph when you need him? Father Christmas suffers hilarious slip-up after car towing his sleigh is unable to stop
Britain's £57bn trade surplus from booming City: Study also shows UK has £6trillion of bank assets and is the top foreign exchange on the planet
A new Dawn for Saunders: French reunites with comedy pal Jennifer as they take on Poldark for their first TV show in 10 years
Eminent Oxford professor is branded a bigot by students for saying feelings of guilt about the British empire have gone too far 
PM could back down on enshrining the Brexit date in law after rebels warned it could lead to a second defeat in a week 
NHS dementia tests 'futile and failing patients': Warning symptoms in up to 40% of patients are being missed in routine checks 
Top defence barrister becomes unwitting star of a Grime video after helping a rapper clear his name at the Old Bailey
Tickets selling for £6,000, an army of superfans and a record 11 Tony awards: As it's set to open... why Hamilton is the West End's hottest ticket
Wild 'skunk pigs' mourn their dead, footage recorded by an eight year old for his science fair project reveals
Why Mariah's the queen of festive kitsch: ADRIAN THRILLS watches the All I Want For Christmas Is You singer deliver a seasonal spectacular 
Every one's a winner: Our ultimate selection of this year's best sports interest books
Strictly sensational: In a year that saw Del Boy, Bond, Jeremy Vine and even Prue Leith tell all, ROGER LEWIS casts a beady eye over their memoirs
Coming soon to a chimney near you! From a lost penguin to a cocky wizard and a death-defying teenager, stories to delight even the most reluctant reader 
Drunk former Tory MP left pensioner seriously injured after crashing his Jaguar into her camper van while serving a ban for drink-driving
Jealous drug dealer who hunted down and murdered teenage friend because he 'had the temerity' to date his ex is jailed for life
An Alpine apartment, £6m pension pot and lucrative advisory roles: Scandal-hit former Met chief forced to reveal details of his retirement after accepting a peerage 
Theresa May tells EU leaders she won't be deflected from delivering Brexit by humiliating Commons defeat 
Did going VEGAN cure this man's cancer? US father-of-two claims his stage-4 cancer went into remission after switching to a strict animal-free diet and refusing any other treatment
Lorry driver, 56, who killed a man by smashing into his vehicle while watching porn on his phone is jailed for eight years
Stabbing rampage in the Netherlands: Two dead and several injured in two knife attacks in the city of Maastricht
In the shadow of Grenfell Tower: Hundreds turn out with green banners for silent walk to mark six months since inferno 
Three Rs on the rise! Number of 11-year-olds in England reaching the government's expected standard in reading, writing and maths increases from 53% last year to 61% this year
Iran is arming Yemeni rebels illegally says Nikki Haley as she stands in front of 'evidence' - a giant ballistic missile fired at civilian Saudi airport
Music teacher who sexually abused schoolgirls during lessons then tried to cover his tracks using online 'paedophile handbooks' is jailed for two and a half years 
Coroner blames gross NHS failures for death of bullied schoolgirl, 15, who hanged herself at home after repeated self-harm and suicide attempts 
RAF veteran, 66, 'threatened to smash Tory MP's head in with a sledgehammer because he wasn't getting his full state pension'
Britain First's deputy leader is arrested at the Belfast peace wall for ranting about Islam in Twitter video... just minutes after she appeared in court accused of inciting hatred 
Shocking surveillance video shows five US women using mace and stun guns to rob a Victoria's Secret of £1,100 worth of lingerie
Don't say no, this cost a fortune: Graphic artist, 29, proposes to his girlfriend, 27, in TWO-FOOT high letters on a billboard... but is guilting her over the cost fair?
Heritage experts win campaign to Sherlock Holmes author (and lesser known architect) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's only surviving building 
PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Katie Holmes looks besotted with Jamie Foxx as she parties at his 50th birthday bash in Hollywood... three months after FINALLY going public
Parents watch in horror as their five-year-old son dies in front of his twin brother after being hit by a car while crossing the road 
'Despicable' police chief who waged war on his ex-lover by getting a friend to pose as a national newspaper reporter to spread malicious lies about her is sacked
The REALLY jolly roger! Luxury 200ft super yacht with its own helipad is modelled on a 17th century pirate ship (but you'll need a few million pieces of eight if you want to be its captain)
Thug who left a shopper permanently scarred when he set his snarling pitbull on her yelling 'bite her, bite her' as his girlfriend tried to steal victim's medicine is jailed for over two years 
Pregnant woman had a miscarriage after her 'terrifying' ordeal of coming home to be confronted by a burglar, 26, who stole her IVF pills as he fled 
Warning over blue-and-yellow ecstasy pills stamped with the IKEA logo after a 16-year-old girl was taken to hospital 
Initial readings of cigar-shaped interstellar 'comet' Oumuamua show NO SIGNS of alien technology (at least, not yet)
At least four children dead and 19 people injured as school bus is 'cut in half' by a train travelling at 50mph near Perpignan
Incredible life of British army's first black officer who gave up football career with Tottenham to fight and died leading his men in First World War is remembered in new book
Ex-bus driver says he accidentally hit accelerator instead of brake to send pedestrian flying 45 feet through the air who then got up and went into pub 
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