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 Nieuwsbron: Science Daily
Science Daily(12:57:49)
Cosmic Steam Jets and Molecules Galore
Ants, Acorns and Climate Change
Minoan Eruption of Thera: Tree Rings Show Date
Some of the Oldest Galaxies in the Universe
Moderate Carb Intake May Be Best for Health
99-Million-Year-Old Beetle in Amber: Pollinator
Smallest Transistor Switches With Single Atom
Healing Stem Cells for Injured Elderly Muscles
Breakthrough in Desalination Membranes
Autism: Egg Cells' Difficulty With Big Proteins
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That Stinks! One American in 15 Smells Odors That Aren't There
Most Wear-Resistant Metal Alloy in the World
Novel Sensors Could Enable Smarter Textiles
Previously Grainy Wheat Genome Comes Into Focus
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Resistance Training and Exercise-Motivation Go Hand-in-Hand
Three Factors Could Explain Physician Burnout in the US
As Body Mass Index Increases, Blood Pressure May as Well
A Novel Synthetic Antibody Enables Conditional 'Protein Knockdown' in Vertebrates
16 Going on 66: Will You Be the Same Person 50 Years from Now?
Automated Detection of Focal Epileptic Seizures in a Sentinel Area of the Human Brain
First-of-Its-Kind Parkinson's Biomarker Guidelines Invigorates Drive for Treatments
Funny Bone: 99 Percent of Science Students Appreciate Instructor Humor
YouTube Is Source of Misinformation on Plastic Surgery
Tongue Microbiome Research Underscores Importance of Dental Health
Dominant Men Make Decisions Faster
How Forests Improve Kids' Diets
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Color Effects from Transparent 3D Printed Nanostructures
AI Could Make Dodgy Lip Sync Dubbing a Thing of the Past
Scientists Discover Why Silver Clusters Emit Light
New Way to Grow Blood Vessels Developed
Hubble Paints Picture of the Evolving Universe
Meteorite Bombardment Likely to Have Created the Earth's Oldest Rocks
Study of Material Surrounding Distant Stars Shows Earth's Ingredients 'Pretty Normal'
Iron and Titanium in the Atmosphere of an Exoplanet
More Efficient Security for Cloud-Based Machine Learning
Mapping the Future Direction for Quantum Research
Ciircuit-Switching Tech to Help Data Centers Recover from Failures
Robots as Tools and Partners in Rehabilitation
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Invasive Plants: Scientists Examine the Relative Impact of Proximity to Seed Sources
Novel Nanoparticle-Based Approach Detects and Treats Oral Plaque Without Drugs
How an Herbivore Hijacks a Nutrient Uptake Strategy of Its Host Plant
Scientists Create New Technology and Solve a Key Puzzle for Cellular Memory
Climate Change Sea Level Rises Could Increase Risk for More Devastating Tsunamis Worldwide
Microfossils, Possibly World's Oldest, Had Biological Characteristics
Structure of Ion Channel Reveals How Insects Smell Their Way Around the World
Particulate Pollution's Impact Varies Greatly Depending on Where It Originated
Stern of World War II US Destroyer Discovered Off Remote Alaskan Island
Origins and Spread of Eurasian Fruits Traced to the Ancient Silk Road
Scarlet Macaw DNA Points to Ancient Breeding Operation in Southwest
How Neolithic People Adapted to Climate Change
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How People Use, and Lose, Preexisting Biases to Make Decisions
Should All Babies Have Their Genomes Sequenced?
Logging Permit Fraud Threatens Timber Species in Brazilian Amazon
Social Class and Communication Situation
Category Learning Influenced by Where an Object Is in Our Field of Vision
Internet of Things Technology Can Boost Classroom Learning and Bridge Gender Divide
Working Memory Might Be More Flexible Than Previously Thought
Educational Tracking Creates Artificial Inequalities Among Students
Collaborate, but Only Intermittently, Says New Study
Rude to Your Coworker? Think of the Children
Mere Expectation of Checking Work Email After Hours Harms Health of Workers and Families
Fishing Fleets Travelling Further to Catch Fewer Fish
Scientists Turn to the Quantum Realm to Improve Energy Transportation
Female Mosquitoes Get Choosy Quickly to Offset Invasions
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Meest Gelezen
2428x Terwijl zijn mama gewurgd wordt, neemt 12-jarige pistool. Zijn zus (15) haalt de trekker over
2363x Herman Brusselmans onderging zware operatie: "Het had slecht kunnen aflopen"
2085x Drama in Nederlands pretpark: vermist meisje (3) dood teruggevonden
1588x Hartverscheurende foto toont hoe moeder afscheid neemt van stervend dochtertje (1,5)
1543x Gluren bij BV's: Olga Leyers deelt sexy kiekje uit de oude doos, zwangere Josje toont haar 'glow'
1456x Vlaming gaat geheime ondergrondse basis van Joegoslavische luchtmacht filmen, maar staat plots midden in een mijnenveld
1427x Luc Bellings test garnaalkroketten: "Wat een feest"
1342x Zondvloed over toeristenparadijs had vermeden kunnen worden
1235x ‘De limiet is bereikt. We kunnen de postbode niet nog sneller laten fietsen.’
1196x Zeemonster aangespoeld in het uiterste oosten van Rusland
1177x Halfnaakte actievoerders verpesten bloementapijt als protest tegen opsluiting migrantengezin in Steenokkerzeel
1156x 'Homocultuur leidt tot misbruik kinderen binnen katholieke kerk en moet uitgeroeid worden'
1125x Seksfeestje Langemark: de mannen achter de foto's vanuit het maïs getuigen
1120x Drama nipt vermeden: agent redt meisje (3) dat twaalf uur in snikhete auto zat
1107x Helena Vanloon speelde 10 jaar Marleen in 'Lili en Marleen': "Ik hoop nog altijd op een nieuwe tv-rol"
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