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 Nieuwsbron: Science Daily
Science Daily(23:58:20)
Agricultural Intensification Vs Sustainability
Gene Therapy for Hand Function After Spinal ...
Quantum Transfer at the Push of a Button
New Type of Photosynthesis Discovered
Mammals Going Nocturnal to Avoid Humans
True Origin of Ancient Turquoise
Simple Chemical Process for Life On Earth
Non-Coding DNA Changes Sex Determination
Flying Spiders Sense Wind, Shoot out Nano-Fibers
Fats and Carbs Together Are More Rewarding
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The Neurons That Rewrite Traumatic Memories
Allergen in Red Meat Linked to Heart Disease
Tripling the Energy Storage of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Dust Clouds Can Explain Puzzling Features of Active Galactic Nuclei
This Is What a Stretchy Circuit Looks Like
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New Subtype of Prostate Cancer
Brain's Water System and Stroke Treatment
CLOVES Syndrome: Remarkable Improvement in the Health of 19 Patients Medical First
Yellow Fever: A New Method for Testing Vaccine Safety
Neuroscientists Locate Neurons in Brain That Respond When a Target Is Found
Human and Artificial Intelligence Join Forces to Study Complexity of the Brain
Personel Management: When Self-Doubt Misjudges Achievement
161 Genetic Factors for Myopia Identified
Girls With High Level of Vitamin D Have Stronger Muscles
Online Information on Vaccines and Autism Not Always Reliable
Dads Often Earn More, Even If They're Not Harder Workers
How Instruction Changes Brain Circuitry With Struggling Readers
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Minimalist Biostructures Designed to Create Nanomaterials
Realization of High-Performance Magnetic Sensors Due to Magnetic Vortex Structures
Increased Helmet Use in Alpine Sports Fails to Reduce Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury
Sculpting With Graphene Foam
Short Gamma-Ray Bursts Do Follow Binary Neutron Star Mergers
Tracking Energy Flow in Large Molecules
Trio of Infant Planets Discovered Around Newborn Star
The True Power of the Solar Wind
System Allows Surveillance Cameras to 'Talk' to the Public Through Individual Smartphones
Network Theory Links Behavioral Information Flow With Contained Epidemic Outbreaks
AI-Driven Ultrafast Technology Visually Identifies Cells Without Images
Automated Robotic Device for Faster Blood Testing
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Key Ocean Fish Can Prevail With Changes to Farmed Fish, Livestock Diets
Five New Species of Snail-Sucking Snakes Discovered
Elevated Androgens Don't Hinder Dads' Parenting -- At Least Not in Lemurs
Scientists Have Captured the Elusive Cell That Can Regenerate an Entire Flatworm
Who Is to Blame for Marine Litter?
Leading Antarctic Experts Offer Two Possible Views of Continent's Future
Climate Change Has Fish Moving Faster Than Regulations Can Keep Up
Plants Open Their Pores and Scientists Strike Gold
Magritte's Lost Painting, 'La Pose Enchantee,' Virtually Restored in Color
For 100 Million Years, Amber Freezes a Tableau of Tick's Worst Day Ever
Ancient Agricultural Activity Caused Lasting Environmental Changes
Large-Scale Whaling in North Scandinavia May Date Back to 6th Century
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Water Fluoridation Confirmed to Prevent Dental Decay in US Children and Adolescents
Social Rejection Is Painful and Can Lead to Violence
One Thing You'll Find in the Obits of Many Long-Living People
How Can Patients Be Protected from Post-Surgery Opioid Addiction?
Fair Classroom Practices Disarm Threat of Evaluation Retaliation
People Recall Information Better Through Virtual Reality
Beyond the 'Reading Wars': How the Science of Reading Can Improve Literacy
Mother's Attitude to Baby During Pregnancy May Have Implications for Child's Development
Letters of Recommendation for Women More Likely to Raise Doubts
It's About Time: Immediate Rewards Boost Workplace Motivation
Study Examines Sickness Absence from Work Among Abstainers, Low-Risk Drinkers and at-Risk Drinkers
Massive AI Twitter Probe Draws Heat Map of Entrepreneurial Personality
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1842x Alleenstaande vaders zijn steeds meer in trek bij vrouwen
1785x Radiopresentatrice confronteert man ‘die keihard zit te rukken’
1735x Sprookjes- ontmoeting tussen Boudewijn en Fabiola is verzonnen
1721x VRT-sportjournalist ondanks overlijden vader toch naar WK: “Mijn pa zou niks anders gewild hebben”
1544x John Cleese noemt Belgen “luie, dikke, bierdoordrenkte rotzakken”
1253x ONGEHOORD. 'Waarom moet Beyonce altijd naakt zijn en haar borsten laten zien?'
1252x Tweede generatie muggen steekt de kop op
1205x Kinderen nachtwinkeluitbater gaan caféklant te lijf met zwaard: "Moeten er eerst doden vallen?"
1189x Almaar ouder naar rusthuis, maar levenseinde blijft taboe
1181x Deze bodyart ziet er onaangenaam realistisch uit
1177x Privétuinfeest blijkt drugsparty: politie valt binnen met drugshonden in Oordegem
1067x Deze elf Rode Duivels starten in de openingswedstrijd tegen Panama
1015x Zo miste De Lijn de digitale tram
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