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 Nieuwsbron: Science Daily
Science Daily(22:59:45)
Mystery of Titan's Atmospheric Haze
Flexible Electronics Made from Exotic Materials
Collision of White Dwarf and Brown Dwarf Stars
Global Sea Level Could Rise 50 Feet by 2300
Rapid Response Needed to Limit Global Warming
Living Organisms Find a Critical Balance
Bendable Cell Phones
New DNA Tool Predicts Height, Disease Risk
Why Huskies Have Blue Eyes
Microbial 'Noah's Ark' to Protect Global Health
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Traces of Opiates Found in Ancient Cypriot Vessel
Stem Cells Organize Themselves Into Pseudo-Embryos
Even Light Drinking Increases Risk of Death
Teaching Wild Birds to Sing a New Tune
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There's a Better Way to Decipher DNA's Epigenetic Code to Identify Disease
New Potential Treatment for One Type of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Novel Technology Enables Detection of Early-Stage Lung Cancer When Surgical Cure Still Is Possible
Out Like a Light: Researchers ID Brain's 'Sleep Switch'
Diet and Weight May Affect Response to Bipolar Disorder Treatment
Successful Mouse Couples Talk out Infidelity in Calm Tones
Gene Which Decreases Risk of Social Network-Related Stress, Increases Finance-Related Stress Risk
Scientists Get the Drop on the Cell's Nucleus
Education Improves Decision-Making Ability, Study Finds
Research Affirms the Power of 'We'
Even Small Gifts Boost Business
Day-Time Naps Help Us Acquire Information Not Consciously Perceived, Study Finds
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Smallest Integrated Kerr Frequency Comb Generator
Copper Ions Flow Like Liquid Through Crystalline Structures
Big Discoveries About Tiny Particles
Novel Use of NMR Sheds Light on Easy-to-Make Electropolymerized Catalysts
Lunar Craters Named in Honor of Apollo 8
Scientists Develop a New Way to Remotely Measure Earth's Magnetic Field
Observations Challenge Cosmological Theories
Newly Detected Microquasar Gamma-Rays 'Call for New Ideas'
Nanoscale Pillars as a Building Block for Future Information Technology
Using Personal Data to Predict Blood Pressure
AI Could Predict Cognitive Decline Leading to Alzheimer's Disease in the Next Five Years
Model Helps Robots Navigate More Like Humans Do
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Getting a Grip on the Slow but Unique Evolution of Sharks
Expanding Fungal Diversity, One Cell at a Time
When Yesterday's Agriculture Feeds Today's Water Pollution
Small-Brained Female Guppies Aren't Drawn to Attractive Males
Larger Cities Have Smaller Water Footprint Than Less Populated Counterparts
'Turbidity Currents' Are Not Just Currents, but Involve Movement of the Seafloor Itself
Consumers Willing to Pay More for Sustainably Brewed Beer
New Spheres Trick, Trap and Terminate Water Contaminant
Anthropologist Rewrites History Using Science, Art
Neanderthal Healthcare Practices Crucial to Survival
A New Take on the 19th-Century Skull Collection of Samuel Morton
Broad Genetic Variation on the Pontic-Caspian Steppe
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Primary Tropical Forests Are Best but Regrowing Forests Are Also Vital to Biodiversity
Gas Stations Vent Far More Toxic Fumes Than Previously Thought
Amazon Rainforest Conservation Victories Spill Losses to Neighbors
Evolution: Genetics Doesn't Matter Much in Forming Society
For Better Multiple-Choice Tests, Avoid Tricky Questions, Study Finds
Discovery of First Genetic Variants Associated With Meaning in Life
Reading Is a Team-Lift as Different Brain Parts Work Together to Predict Proficiency
Checked Off 'the Talk' With Your Teen? Not So Fast: Once Isn't Enough
It Pays to Be Pessimistic, Shows New Research Into Entrepreneurs
Emissions from Most Diesel Cars in Europe Greatly Exceed Laboratory Testing Levels
Why Do People Share? It's Contagious, Six-Year Study of Hadza People Shows
Capitalizing on Sleep-Wake Cycle Can Drastically Increase Digital Ad Profits from Social Media
Solving a Medical Mystery: Cause of Rare Type of Dwarfism Discovered
It's a Beautiful Game, but How You See It Is All in the Mind
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