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Thursday 18 july 2019
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 News Source: ZDNet.com
Android, iOS secure ID: Estonia says it's taking digital authentication to new levels
AWS cloud widens its reach: Now services run out of UK-based datacenters
Can open source and open systems really open the door to healthier democracies?
Windows XP: Why hospitals are still using Microsoft's antique operating system
This app is trying to kill the car, and Helsinki is doing its best to help it
Teenage DDoS users targeted by international law enforcement operation
Can AI really run a traditional bank with no staff? This startup thinks so
Microsoft Office, Google Docs beware: This open-source startup is after your users
This edible food drone could offer aid in disaster zones
iOS 10.2: Tips and hidden secrets
IoT in 2017: Why usage is going to grow, despite the security risks
No dodging that conference call now: Volvo adds in-car Skype for Business, will test Cortana too
Three new year's resolutions Google needs to keep in 2017
How many of these does your boss do? Four ways to create a happy and creative team
Big Data 2017: The future is cloudy
What Microsoft will be doing at CES 2017
Brazilian government to focus on 4G expansion
Under Armour at CES highlights digital transformation efforts as clothing, wearables, apps, data merge
Year of upheaval: These are the trends shaping Middle East tech
Lenovo enters smart glasses fray, targets business, augmented reality, June availability
Lenovo launches New Glass C200: A quick tour
From Lenovo: Smart glasses for the enterprise
NBN: Four months to move 18k satellite customers to Sky Muster, fixed-wireless
UnitedHealthcare, Qualcomm Life, Fitbit aim to expand corporate wellness
ACCC issues warning to foreign companies off the back of Valve decision
Brandis extends submission deadline on telco data retention for civil proceedings
No smoking gun for Russian DNC hacks
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293x Formateur maakt bocht van 180 graden: De Wever wil lagere btw op elektriciteit forceren
255x Vader doodt 6-jarig dochtertje bij tragisch golfincident
217x Terwijl overvallen zakenman (73) revalideerde, troggelde nepadvocate zijn villa van 1,4 miljoen af
216x Disney-erfgename ‘razend’ na anoniem bezoek aan Disneyland
163x Formateur maakt knieval voor sp.a: De Wever wil lagere btw op elektriciteit forceren
120x Rutten trekt handen af van Brusselse liberalen
119x Brussel: het rommelde bij Open VLD en Ecolo
118x Debutant Jasper Philipsen (21) stapt uit de Tour de France
105x "Antwoord alstublieft": Australische jongen vindt 50 jaar oude brief in een fles
96x Toyota van Danielle wordt gejat. Ze gaat zelf op onderzoek uit en filmt live hoe ze wagen terugsteelt
93x Portugal verkozen tot beste vakantiebestemming
87x Haar in de boter bij Open VLD na regeringsvorming in Brussel: "Gwendolyn Rutten is in snelheid gepakt door haar onderhandelaars"
86x Al 47 Belgen gestorven op vakantie in het buitenland: bijna drie per dag
84x Zwembadterreur: “Gewoon bestrijden zoals hooliganisme”
79x Man castreert zichzelf om af te raken van zijn pornoverslaving
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