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Dimanche 18 avril 2021
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1. Infrared GIFs Show Where Groundwater Burbles to the Surface Wired.com
2. ACCC issues warning to foreign companies off the back of Valve decision ZDNet.com
3. Brandis extends submission deadline on telco data retention for civil proceedings ZDNet.com
4. Finally: Somebody Built an Adventure Game Using Google Forms Wired.com
5. From Lenovo: Smart glasses for the enterprise ZDNet.com
6. Get Lost in the Trippy Geometry of Seoul’s Endless Bridges Wired.com
7. Japan heeft vierde satelliet voor eigen gps gelanceerd Tweakers.net
8. Lenovo launches New Glass C200: A quick tour ZDNet.com
9. Many ID-Protection Services Fail Basic Security Slashdot
10. NBN: Four months to move 18k satellite customers to Sky Muster, fixed-wireless ZDNet.com
11. Plextor Unveils M9P Plus SSD: A Proven Design Gets 96L 3D TLC & Up to 3.4 GB/s AnandTech
12. USB 3.2 Gen 2 Portable SSDs Roundup - Featuring the Samsung T7 Touch and the SanDisk Extreme Pro AnandTech
13. 'Coalitie van Amerikaanse academici en hackers wil stemmachines beveiligen' Tweakers.net
14. CameraNU.nl neemt belang in City Foto Eindhoven Emerce.nl
15. Does Atlanta Have to Be ‘Important,’ or Just Good? Wired.com
16. No smoking gun for Russian DNC hacks ZDNet.com
17. Overheid gaat overleggen over aanleg Hyperloop-testbaan in Flevoland Tweakers.net
18. Rusland gaat toegang tot websites blokkeren die cryptocurrency verhandelen Tweakers.net
19. The Rhinoceros Beetle Proves That Men Are the Literal Worst Wired.com
20. UnitedHealthcare, Qualcomm Life, Fitbit aim to expand corporate wellness ZDNet.com
21. Watch NASA Launch Its Asteroid-Sampling Spacecraft Wired.com
22. Why You (Might) Want the New PlayStation 4 Pro Wired.com
23. Windows 10-versie 1511 krijgt geen beveiligingsupdates meer Tweakers.net
24. With the iPhone 7, Apple Makes Dual Cameras the New Normal Wired.com
25. 'WhatsApp-activiteit is met eenvoudige extensie in kaart te brengen' Tweakers.net
26. 2 miljoen euro voor ‘Netflix voor bedrijfstrainingen’ Emerce.nl
27. AMD Expands EPYC Lineup with 64-Core EPYC 7662 & Large Cache EPYC 7532 CPUs AnandTech
28. Apple fixes iCloud Calendar spam issue with 'report junk' tool The Inquirer
29. ASUS Upgrades Compute Stick: The VivoStick TS10 Gets More RAM, Storage, & Windows 10 Pro AnandTech
30. Blizzard werkt wellicht aan een nieuwe Overwatch-game Tweakers.net
31. Can You Find Philae Hiding on the Surface of a Comet? Wired.com
32. Canonical Reverts Intel Microcode Update in Ubuntu Due to Boot Failures in Tiger Lake Systems Linux Today
33. Clockwork City-dlc voor The Elder Scrolls online komt uit op 23 oktober Tweakers.net
34. Cyanogen's Kondik: 'I f*cked up and got f*cked over' The Inquirer
35. DiRT Rally verschijnt later dit jaar voor macOS Tweakers.net
36. Facebook is Pushing Its Data-tracking Onavo VPN Within Its Main Mobile App Slashdot
37. Facebook Is Spamming Users Via Their 2FA Phone Numbers Slashdot
38. Google Is Adding Snapchat-Style Stories To Mobile Search Results Slashdot
39. Google will offer 10,000 Android developer scholarships across Europe The Inquirer
40. Google's Chrome Ad Blocking Arrives Tomorrow Slashdot
41. Here’s Everything Apple Announced Today Wired.com
42. Hospitals May Turn To Algorithms To Fight Fatal Infections Slashdot
43. How many of these does your boss do? Four ways to create a happy and creative team ZDNet.com
44. How to Fit the World’s Biggest Indoor Waterfall in an Airport Wired.com
45. Huawei Got People To Write Fake Reviews For An Unreleased Phone Slashdot
46. IBM met ‘blockchain as a service’ Emerce.nl
47. Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free Wired.com
48. Inside the Factory Where They Make Danish Spam Wired.com
49. Intel’s Confusing Messaging: Is Comet Lake Better Than Ice Lake? AnandTech
50. Kabinet in regeerakkoord: mogelijk snelle aanpassing 'sleepwet' Tweakers.net
51. Kaspersky Says Telegram Flaw Used For Cryptocurrency Mining Slashdot
52. Kioxia Releases First PCIe 4.0 SSDs: CD6 & CM6 AnandTech
53. Librem 5-smartphone van Purism behaalt crowdfundingdoel Tweakers.net
54. Mitski Breaks Down Her Haunting 'Your Best American Girl' Wired.com
55. Mitsubishi werkt aan door auto's geprojecteerde waarschuwingssignalen Tweakers.net
56. Moto Z2 Play Review Tweakers.net
57. Mozilla brengt lichte browser Rocket met 'Turbo Mode' uit Tweakers.net
58. New York Times CEO: Print Journalism Has Maybe Another 10 Years Slashdot
59. Nokia stopt met ontwikkeling Ozo-vr-camera en ontslaat personeel Tweakers.net
60. Qubes OS goes commercial in fundraising drive The Inquirer
61. René Frijters weg bij Knab Emerce.nl
62. Seattle To Remove Controversial City Spying Network After Public Backlash Slashdot
63. TalkTalk hack: 17-year-old sentenced to 12-month rehabilitation order The Inquirer
64. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster This Airport Isn’t Real Wired.com
65. The Death of Project Ara Shows Google Is All Grown Up Wired.com
66. The iPhone 7 Feels a Little Different—and a Lot the Same Wired.com
67. The Physics of How Your Earphone Jack Works (Just in Time to Say Goodbye) Wired.com
68. Three new year's resolutions Google needs to keep in 2017 ZDNet.com
69. Trump Administration Wants To Fire 248 Forecasters At the National Weather Service Slashdot
70. Trump Finally Says Something Coherent About ‘the Cyber’ Wired.com
71. Trump's Infrastructure Plan Has No Dedicated Money For Broadband Slashdot
72. Trump’s Campaign CEO’s Little Known World of Warcraft Career Wired.com
73. Ubisoft kondigt Season Pass voor Assassin's Creed Origins aan Tweakers.net
74. Valve biedt vr-hardwaremakers speciale lenzen voor lcd's en oledschermen Tweakers.net
75. What Microsoft will be doing at CES 2017 ZDNet.com
76. What Taylor Swift's Tom Hiddleston Album Might Look Like Wired.com
77. What you missed in tech last week: Snoopers' Charter 2.0, Kaspersky vs Microsoft The Inquirer
78. Windows 10 passeert nieuwe mijlpaal Clickx Magazine

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