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\u003cstrong>Turkish President rejects Saudi Arabia's claim that the journalist was killed accidentally\u003c/strong>
Erdogan holds all the cards in this mystery
What Erdogan did and didn't say on Khashoggi
Big names missing from 'Davos in the desert'\u003cstrong> \u003c/strong>
Saudi operative in slain journalist's clothes
\u003cstrong>China opens world's longest sea-crossing bridge \u003c/strong>
Migrants wake, walk and reject Trump's Twitter attacks
Man shot during attack at Fox station
UK far-right leader Tommy Robinson's case sent to attorney general
Kushner calls Trump a 'black swan'
Nobel-winning scientists' Brexit warning
Thousands strike for 'pay justice'
Bible Museum: 5 Dead Sea Scrolls are fake
Microplastics found in human stools
WWE star diagnosed with leukemia
Ronaldo speaks for first time on rape claim
\u003cstrong>Trump's midterm campaign of fear\u003c/strong>
Trump's laughable southern border scare
A mother's desperate act to reach Mexico
Russia and US can solve world problems together, Moscow defense minister says
Trump claims 'Middle Easterners' are in migrant caravan. Here are the facts
Stop being a Demogorgon -- your krill pills are killing our planet
3M common procedures in England could become 'life threatening' without antibiotics
\u003cstrong>F1 drivers racing like they're in 'rental cars'\u003c/strong>
Do books teach kids to be racist?
Dyson to build electric cars in Singapore
Fractured arm rules Messi out for a month
Amy Schumer expecting her first child
Mexico braces for Hurricane Willa
India bans firecrackers for smog season
Why horses can't see orange
\u003cstrong>Tom Chivers:\u003c/strong> Ban plastic straws, but don't stop there
\u003cstrong>John Lee:\u003c/strong> Trump was right to pull out of arms treaty, but not because of Russia
\u003cstrong>Kumi Naidoo:\u003c/strong> Saudi government is more lethal than any rogue killer
\u003cstrong>Tim Holbrook:\u003c/strong> Trump's potential rules won't erase LGBTQ Americans
Meat-free burgers 'less healthy than real meat'
\u003cstrong>iPhone XR review: Apple's secret weapon to sell even more smartphones\u003c/strong>
European airlines are going bust
In pictures: Pope Francis visits Ireland
The story of the 2018 F1 season so far
A deadly storm is coming in Syria
She wanted to be president, but ended up jailed instead
The crashes that changed Formula One

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CIA chief going to Turkey for Khashoggi investigation
Judge denies Monsanto's request to nix $250M award to dying cancer patient
Sheriff seeks 2,000 volunteers in search for missing girl
Brexit deal is 95% settled, UK's May says
Bomb found near home of billionaire Soros
Trump declares himself a 'nationalist'
US-led coalition says it struck two ISIS 'command centers' inside mosques
CIA chief going to Turkey for Khashoggi probe, source says
Mnuchin meets crown prince despite backing out of conference
China's battered stock market just had its best day in years
Trump threatens nuclear buildup
US sails warships through Taiwan Strait
Trump gets revenge on Cruz
'Explosive' hurricane approaches Mexico
Paul to Saudi: 'It takes a lot of damn gall' to lecture US
Is Ethiopia taking control of the Nile River?
Nun's alleged rape: Witness found dead
Leader extends 36-year-rule in Cameroon
Jose Mourinho: 'My future' is at Man Utd
Study: Eat organic, cut cancer risk
Khashoggi's murder shows the cynics have won
\u003cstrong>John McTernan:\u003c/strong> Unfortunately, violent misogyny is nothing new in politics
'No intention' for oil embargo, Saudi energy minister says
China mining accident: 18 trapped in tunnel
China's stock market had a great Monday
Jenifer Lewis wants to help Kanye West
Lewis Hamilton laments tactics in US failure
Ex-NFLer Rae Carruth freed from prison
55 dead in communal violence
Marlboro maker attacked for campaign
NFL anthem protestors clash
Jamal Khashoggi was a journalist, not a jihadist
Russia fires back after Trump threatens to ditch nuclear arms treaty
Inside NFL locker rooms: Showering and cameras can be an uncomfortable mix
Fiat Chrysler selling auto parts business
More exercise really helps you live longer. Here's why
\u003cstrong>Back pages:\u003c/strong> Real Madrid to turn to unlikely savior?
Messi to miss El Clasico with arm fracture
Turkish official: Khashoggi's death was 'violently planned'
How sailing changed pop star's life
Astronaut: 'We were violently shaken'
'Headless chicken monster' caught on film
Netflix is canceling big Marvel show
Calls to 'boycott' Ryanair after racist incident
\u003cstrong>Pat Wiedenkeller:\u003c/strong> 2020 arrives early
5 killed in Costa Rican raft accident
Brexit deal 95% settled, May tells lawmakers
Australia says sorry to child abuse victims
Saudi Arabia tries to salvage investment conference
World's longest sea-crossing bridge to open
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