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\u003cstrong>The lack of power to about a quarter of the state has created a widespread emergency, with families huddling in homes or cars without heat, burst water pipes, failing water systems and gasoline shortages\u003c/strong>
\u003cstrong>Analysis:\u003c/strong> Texas crisis is not how modern life is supposed to work
Animals are freezing to death at this sanctuary in Texas
After 68 years in prison, America's oldest juvenile lifer released
Facebook won't let Australia share news
Mystery of massive holes forming in Siberia unlocked
Federal prosecutors charge three N Korean hackers accused of conspiring to steal more than $1.3B
What's behind Biden's snub of the Saudi Crown Prince
NYT: Promotions of female generals delayed due to fear over Trump's reaction
McConnell's plan to deal with Trump: Ignore him
Rush Limbaugh dies at age 70
UK's Prince Philip taken to London hospital
US steps up challenges to Chinese-claimed islands
Soccer's biggest rising star nets Champions League brace
Ashley Judd shares harrowing details from accident
Man jailed for 10 years in $11M email scam
'Win or we kill you:' Tensions rise as soccer giant faces unprecedented relegation
Rapper arrested in free speech case
The vaccine deals that could reshape the globe
AstraZeneca's UK Covid-19 vaccines contract revealed
CDC: New coronavirus variants could lead to rapid rise in cases
'It was hell': US family recounts being stuck in Gaza for months
Up to 90 healthy volunteers to be exposed to Covid-19 in world first trial
Curious story behind bizarre pandemic chart
Dinosaurs may not have been killed off by an asteroid
Amazon just teased 3 new products. They may never hit the market
Why I'll be sweating out seven minutes of the Mars mission
Bezos is world's richest person again
Football's next superstar could have been 'created in a lab'
The gaming world often overlooks players of color. This new studio is changing that
Tsitsipas dumps Nadal out of Australian Open
A single tweet from Elon Musk can send a stock soaring. Traders should beware
Tiny moon rover could be a stepping stone to Mars
Touching photos reveal Tiger Woods' rise to fame
This series is the bright light we need in this dark February
This may be the most fearsome US Navy weapon in the Pacific
Nuclear-powered rocket could get astronauts to Mars faster

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Storm prompts weather alerts for more than 100 million
\u003cstrong>Opinion\u003c/strong>: The phony blame game on Texas weather
\u003cstrong>Analysis:\u003c/strong>\u003cstrong> \u003c/strong>Who's actually to blame for the Texas power disaster?
Why families stuck inside together just text each other all day
Studies suggest Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can protect against South African variant
UN envoy 'terrifed' of violence in Myanmar
NY assemblyman alleges Cuomo threatened him over Covid-19 nursing homes scandal
High school sweethearts die of Covid-19 hours apart
China usurps US as Europe's biggest trading partner for goods
World's oldest DNA sequenced from mammoth
Maersk says it will clean up shipping, but there's a catch
Trump Plaza Hotel gets demolished
'Amend' brings Will Smith's starry touch
Emma Stone is downright mean in new film
These voters pressed Biden on key issues. Here's what they said about his answers.
Gwyneth Paltrow says she had Covid-19
Chinese drone company's shares plunge after fraud claim
Explainer: What is the Ku Klux Klan Act cited in lawsuit against Trump
What does Warren Buffett see in Chevron?
It is the fiercest golf rivalry in history, but Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin are back
Ford is investing $1 billion in Germany as it goes electric in Europe
Nestlé is selling its bottled water brands
One student killed and dozens feared kidnapped after armed men storm school
These climate champs are really hypocrites
Case against American woman accused of killing teen can go ahead in US, judge rules
Survey: Most Brits aren't happy with Brexit
\u003cstrong>Analysis: \u003c/strong>Biden seeks to move on from pandemic denial and division
Millions still without power in the US
Coming to terms with chronic illness and grief over what's lost
World No. 1 stunned by comeback queen in Australian Open quarterfinals
South Korean lawmaker claims North Korean hackers stole Pfizer Covid data
Experts zero in on the best thing the US can do to help the vaccine end the pandemic
\u003cstrong>Analysis: \u003c/strong>Biden brings centrism and a big-time vaccine promise
\u003cstrong>Analysis: \u003c/strong>6 takeaways from Joe Biden's CNN town hall
\u003cstrong>Opinion:\u003c/strong> For Trump, accountability is still possible and necessary
McDonald's is selling chicken hoodies for $5
\u003cstrong>Analysis\u003c/strong>: White people are passing people of color in a troubling trend
N Korean hackers stole Covid-19 data from Pfizer: S Korean lawmaker
Former Biden coronavirus advisers push WH to more widely recommend use of N95 masks
Did you survive Covid? Maybe you can thank your Neanderthal ancestors
UN envoy 'terrified' of Myanmar violence
Biden says things may be back to normal by Christmas
This AI can read children's emotions
\u003cstrong>Analysis: \u003c/strong>Two lifelines for America
\u003cstrong>Opinion:\u003c/strong> What our second Covid Lent reveals about sacrifice
How China is devastating Australia's billion-dollar wine industry
McLaren's new hybrid supercar has computer chips in its tires
Leading Democrat sues Trump and Giuliani over Capitol riot
NYT: House Republican shunned by family over Trump criticism
Trump attacks McConnell in lengthy statement
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2155x Rachel Hazes: "André kwam op mijn vijftiende mijn slaapkamer binnen en we hadden seks"
1435x Van "De Kat" tot dokter Walter De Decker in "Thuis": acteur Rik Andries is overleden
1208x ‘Terugkomen op de heropening van de horeca op 8 mei, dat gaat niet’
1168x Buurtbewoners zijn bouwaanvragen voor ‘appartementsdozen’ beu: “Het dorp dreigt te verstikken”
900x Telenet lanceert nieuwe ‘onbeperkte’ bundels
851x Allen tegen één: federale regering zet zich schrap in aanloop naar Overlegcomité
828x "Jij hebt mij niets te vertellen", winkelbediende Colruyt getuigt over toegenomen agressie
811x Ex-kabinetschef geeft Charles Michel veeg uit de pan
776x Mrs World geeft vrijwillig kroon af na heisa met Mrs Sri Lanka
773x Volgens deze nieuwe simulaties komen versoepelingen op 8 mei te vroeg: "Dan stevenen we af op vierde golf"
755x Twintig buitenlandse studenten verpleegkunde besmet met Indiase variant
700x Na het triootje in 'Dertigers': met stip de wildste fantasie, "maar zo bijzonder is het niet eens"
600x De cijfers willen maar niet zakken: experten vrezen voor versoepelingen
584x Miss België Kedist Deltour krijgt berichtjes van getrouwde voetballers: "Wat gaan hun vrouwen zeggen?"
528x Parlementslid El Kaouakibi ‘vergat’ inkomen uit Let’s Go Urban aan te geven
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