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Dinsdag 23 januari 2018
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Tsunami hits Alaska as warning withdrawn for most of US west coast
Chinese workers build railway station in just nine hours
Why some of the world's richest people are gathering at Davos – and what Trump will say to them
Hunt admits supply of EU cancer drugs could be disrupted by Brexit
Fugitive Catalan politician Carles Puigdemont proposed as president
Trump criticised for protectionism even before arriving at Davos
Sketch: McVey doesn't think she's too good for the DWP, and it shows
Elon Musk agrees to receive no pay unless he raises Tesla valuation
Nigel Farage says Henry Bolton 'could be Ukip’s Jeremy Corbyn'
Brussels could pay EU citizens' application fees for staying in UK
Darren Osborne on trial for Finsbury Park terror attack - latest
Tsunami warning issued as 7.9 quake strikes off coast of Alaska
Democrats fear Republicans may break shutdown promise over immigration
House passes spending bill to bring end to government shutdown
Two dead and 19 injured at Kentucky school shooting
Evacuations ordered after huge earthquake prompts tsunami warning

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Chinese workers build railway station in just nine hours
Johnson under fire after accepting Trump’s Jerusalem embassy move
Trump starts washing machine war. Will global trade battle follow?
Man arrested for threatening to shoot dead CNN staff for 'fake news'
Live - Latest updates as May moves to shut down Cabinet revolt
CCTV reveals moment Turpin children escape from 'house of horrors'
Brexit: MEPs vote to shrink European Parliament after Britain leaves
Where and when could tsunami hit on west coast of US and Canada?
What to do if you are caught in an area facing a tsunami threat
Amazon opens first supermarket with no checkouts at all
Trump's voter fraud commission asked for files on every Hispanic Texan
Finsbury Park mosque attacker 'brainwashed' by TV sex drama
South African jazz legend and apartheid activist Hugh Masekela dies
Johnson ‘to warn Labour will win election’ without £5bn for NHS
Japanese volcano eruption triggers deadly avalanche, trapping skiers
Journalist faces strip-search ahead of Mike Pence Israel event
Pence's Israel trip shows Trump prepared to weather Jerusalem backlash
Politicians removed from Israeli parliament over Pence protest
UK CEOs more optimistic about global growth but Brexit concerns weigh
North Korean star chosen by Kim Jong-un arrives in Seoul for Olympics
Former home of Turpin family was 'waist-deep in filth'
Tokyo holds first missile drill amid growing threat from North Korea
UK has already 'agreed in principle' to Norway-style Brexit transition
US government shutdown to end as Democrats agree deal
'A friendly reminder': Germany warns May Brexit deal is still a long way off
Trump 'fakes Indian accent' to imitate PM Narendra Modi
Senate votes on funding in bid to end government shutdown - live
Fears US cuts to aid could ignite tinderbox of Gaza
School shooting reported in Italy, Texas
Ukip leader vows to stay on and 'drain the swamp' as his team vote with their feet
Trump blames Democrats for continued US shutdown - live
Germany warns Britain must deal with 'leftovers' from Brexit talks
World’s richest 42 people have same wealth as 3.7bn poorest
Sessions produces 'bogus' report blaming immigrants for terrorism
Turkey launches bombing assault on Kurdish territory in Syria
What we know about Mylee Billingham, the eight-year-old girl stabbed to death at her home
UK economic growth for 2019 downgraded by IMF
European Commission dismisses Boris Johnson's bridge idea
Ukip assistant deputy leader steps down amid Henry Bolton row
‘We’re going nowhere’: Republican senator turns on Trump over government shutdown
Comment: Oxfam is right to highlight global economic inequality
May faces clash with Tory MPs after majority oppose Brexit transition
Parents boycott school after it removes outer wall from girls' toilets
Volcano explosion sparks fears of deadly eruption in days
Trump’s immigration bureau detains doctor living in US for 40 years
Brexit damage could be 'dwarfed' by benefits of strong global growth
Facebook to open digital training hubs in Europe
Live - PM facing fresh anger from own party, as Ukip descends further into disarray
Ukip unanimously backs vote of no confidence in leader Henry Bolton
Trump branded 'draft dodger' by senator who lost her legs in Iraq
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2147x Moeilijke meisjes zetten De Kempen op stelten
2129x Lawine-expert waarschuwt voor grote catastrofe in de Alpen: "Het wordt erger dan in 1999, veel erger"
2030x Shania Gooris over haatreacties na badpakfoto: “Ik was een slet, moest iets aan mijn hangborsten laten doen”
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1562x Belgisch koppel beleeft bloederige 'horroravond' op Malta na ruzie over 'irritant' kind
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1384x Situatie in Duitse stad escaleert: neonazi's vallen buitenlanders aan, vluchtelingen keren zich tegen burgers
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1349x Chauffeur van dodelijk ongeval langs E40 te dronken om te verhoren
1295x ‘In Gent geen plaats voor een Balthazar Boma op steroïden’
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