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 Nieuwsbron: Mail Online
Mail Online(18:39:52)
Khashoggi's son glares at Saudi Crown Prince blamed for death of his father as they meet in Riyadh - amid claims writer's 'disfigured face' has been found and Erdogan declares murder WAS planned
'It was a terrible accident': Sister pays tribute to pensioner who died with her partner when they drove wrong way down M40 for eight minutes before killing innocent driver in head-on crash
Revealed: The secret Netflix codes that can unlock dozens of hidden TV shows and films
Ryanair passenger who racially abused Windrush immigrant is set to 'get away scot-free' because clash happened in Spain - as victim claims airline STILL hasn't apologised four days on 
Blind taste tests reveal this year's best Christmas food and drink - and Iceland's 9lb frozen turkey (costing £26) comes out on top
Blooming in blue! Meghan shows off her burgeoning baby bump as she dazzles in diamonds at glitzy black tie bash in Fiji with Prince Harry
The $22 mascara the Duchess of Sussex adores - and the other makeup bag essentials she swears by for each appearance
Dazzling AND diplomatic! Meghan wows in a £1,095 caped gown by a London-based designer in the blue of Fiji's flag for her first black tie event of the royal tour - teamed with glittering diamonds
'I'm in the middle of a conversation': Prince Harry's response to palace aides who tried to hurry him along as he comforted a grieving widow who joined him on his Sydney Harbour Bridge climb 
A tale of two tours! Just like Kate's before her, Meghan's foreign debut has brought screaming fans, stolen moments and a LOT of designer dresses
Just like nan and grandad! Prince Harry sips traditional Fijian drink - just like the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh did 65 years ago - after being given roast pig during welcoming ceremony with Meghan 
Tears of a hero: Invictus competitors comfort a British Army veteran whose PTSD was triggered by a helicopter flying overhead by singing 'Let It Go' from Frozen to settle his nerves
Ice and snow will blanket parts of Britain this week as temperatures plunge to -3C ahead of freezing cold Halloween 
Schoolboy entrepreneur, 10, who makes £600 a month from his own sock company and whose mother works for Dragon's Den star Duncan Bannatyne pitches his product to bosses at HARRODS
Builder celebrates despite being ordered to pay £4,200 for threatening to 'dump s***' over customer's drive if he wasn't paid for drainage work on garden that flooded months later 
'It is hard to find the damn airport sometimes - there are a lot of lights down there': Pilots reveal things they NEVER tell their passengers
Theresa May is braced for DUP backlash as MPs vote in favour of LEGALISING abortion in Northern Ireland
Jilted lover 'flew into rage after seeing graphic photos his barmaid ex had sent to another man and attacked her cousin when he tried to intervene'
'This is why people hate millennials': Teetotal vegan influencer whose only vices are CBD lattes and tattoos is ridiculed over an interview in which he complains it's 'invasive' for people to look him in the eye 
'He moved out HOURS after I was diagnosed with cancer': Women share their most brutal break-up stories
France's niqab ban 'violates human rights', UN declares as it demands compensation for women who were prosecuted
Two drug dealers who killed rival, 48, with large kitchen knife after they caught him selling crack cocaine and heroin on their patch are jailed for a total of 43 years 
German man, 54, is jailed for 12 years for attempted murder after he poisoned baby food in supermarkets in an attempt to extort £10m from them 
Green-conscious shoppers slam Poundland for selling £1 polystyrene pumpkins for Halloween 
'Good enough for most people': iPhone XR reviews say Apple's 'cheap' $750 handset is a winner - if you can do without the screen and dual lens camera of the XS
Friend of James Packer reveals he GROUNDED the billionaire's private plane to stop him from marrying Mariah Carey
'Monster' who stabbed Aldi worker to death in front of horrified shoppers because he'd broken up with her mother gets jail sentence CUT by three years
Struggling to get out of bed in the morning could be down to 'dysania' - NOT laziness (and it may even be a sign of depression)
Baby aged just three weeks 'died after suffering a fractured skull, brain haemorrhage and 32 rib fractures at the hands of his mother or her former partner who also tested positive for cannabis and cocaine' 
Booze-fuelled initiation ceremony that claimed the life of former private schoolboy forced students to go apple bobbing in urine and eat dog food, inquest hears 
Bodyguard finale becomes the most watched drama since records BEGAN with 17.1 million tuning in to watch the conclusion of tense BBC One show
The secret to first dates and job interviews? Don't bang on about your success, talk about how HARD you worked to get there, study says 
Statuesque Queen Máxima gets a warm welcome from Her Majesty as London rolls out the red carpet for Dutch royal visit - but has to stoop in her stilettos to receive a peck from the 5ft 4in monarch
'Hitman made SEVEN calls to the Saudi Crown Prince's private office' on the day Khashoggi was murdered before 'hit squad sent his fingers back to bin Salman to prove mission's success'
Ex-Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon takes £75,000 a year job advising major Saudi investor for £788 an hour 
Crown Prince bin Salman 'spoke to Khashoggi by phone to ask him to return to Riyadh MINUTES before' he was murdered by hit squad - as footage emerges of 'Saudi officials burning documents at Istanbul consulate a day later' 
'Great, more people, more money': Saudi Crown Prince declares he is 'satisfied' with 'Davos in Desert' economic conference in tone-deaf statement after event was boycotted by string of CEOs amid Khashoggi scandal
Khashoggi was 'working to expose Saudi Arabia's use of social media trolls and had been harassed  on Twitter' before he was killed in the kingdom's Istanbul embassy
CIA director Gina Haspel is dispatched to Turkey amid calls for Erdogan to reveal ALL his evidence of Khashoggi murder
Cyclist smashes headfirst through back window of a stationary car - because he was busy looking at his phone
Sajid Javid's eldest brother, 51, took a knife and bottle of whisky to five-star hotel then killed himself in the shower after writing two suicide notes to his partner telling her to 'carry on and enjoy life'
Pictured: Three officers sacked for their lies after claiming a suspect had WALKED to their van - despite being left paralysed by devastating injuries he suffered during arrest
'I didn't like him but I didn't want him to die': Man 'who had sex all night with his long-term love rival's girlfriend before stabbing him to death claims he just wanted to fight him, not kill him'
Sarah Silverman apologises after saying it was 'amazing' when she let Louis CK masturbate in front of her, provoking a furious backlash from his 'sexual assault victims'
How cooking rice with coconut oil slashes 60 per cent of the calories
Ex mayor helps trap thief by getting him to pose for a picture at food festival - the scene of his crimes 
New mother Pippa Middleton is chic in ANOTHER Kate Spade dress as she walks the dogs with her baby boy a week after giving birth 
Wife, lover and daughter 'whose plots to murder terminally-ill man by shooting, poison, blowing him up and throwing him off a boat all failed made web search for '16 ways to kill someone and not get caught'' 
Shattering the Vatican stained glass ceiling: Catholic 'suffragettes' want the right to vote on policy, chance to be priests and the Pope to put more women in top jobs
The dodgy horror show: Parents slam 'Screamania' Halloween event after paying £15 a ticket for 'a field with some go karts' and the chance to stare at a cauldron under a marquee
Heartbreak can kill you: Grief from losing a loved one causes deadly inflammation, study reveals
Can the 5,4,3,2,1 trick boost YOUR memory? Psychologist reveals how a new technique using all five senses can help anyone develop better recall
Mother-of-three, 31, whose newborn's skin erupted in ACNE 'worse than a teenager's' claims coconut oil caused his spots to disappear 'before her eyes'
Indonesian man 'murders a family of three by tying them up and throwing them into a river because they called him a fat elephant'
BT ad for a Fitbit giveaway showing a man in bed tracking his sleep pattern is mocked by customers who claim he's REALLY monitoring his post-sex heart rate
The terrifying reality of Black Hawk Down: Survivor shares an unseen photo of the battle and relives the moment Medal of Honor-winning snipers were sent to their deaths for new book on 25th anniversary
Revealed: The THREE main causes of bloating (and what you can do tonight to get a flatter tummy tomorrow) 
Scientists could soon grow human BRAINS in a lab from neurons in a bid to understand more about Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
Mother was crushed to death in front of her friend after sensors failed to stop automatic garage door from closing when she held onto shutters 
Just eight lives left! RSPCA rescue cat trapped in three-inch gap in tense two-hour operation
Pictured: Three-year-old boy who died after being 'run over by a tractor' on family farm
Boy, nine, is decapitated 'by two relatives as part of a human sacrifice to a Hindu goddess' in India
Innocent wedding photo goes viral thanks to an unfortunate angle that makes it appear MUCH cheekier than it really is - so can YOU see what the fuss is about? 
Revealed: The VERY exclusive stylist who helped Eugenie achieve her 'modern princess' vision on her wedding day - after being introduced to the royal by mutual friends 
What your gym DOESN'T want you to know: Insiders warn how members are being hit with rip off fees, unqualified trainers and filthy equipment
Beautician, 19, died after swallowing four-wraps of her boyfriend's cocaine 'in panic' when the pair were pulled over by police
Girl, four, with an inoperable brain tumour dies in her parents' arms after losing her battle despite undergoing £700,000 experimental treatment in Mexico
Trump says he'll use 'as many troops as necessary' to take on mile-long migrant caravan which 'includes people from the Middle East' and deportees eager to get back to the US
Passenger is detained after slapping an airline employee with his PHONE because his flight was cancelled
Car crash on Drivetime: The result of BBC bosses decreeing Simon Mayo and Jo Whiley should be a double act? Critics and listeners hated it, Mayo's quit and Whiley's back where she began, writes ALISON BOSHOFF
X-Men star James McAvoy's half-brother, 28, who was caught with the keys of a stolen Vauxhall Corsa is jailed for eight months 
A solution for Generation Rent? How cash-strapped millennials are living in disused offices and WAREHOUSES in prime London locations by acting as 'property guardians'
Children's picture book about consent sparks debate as woman reveals her nephew has a copy aged 11 MONTHS - but some parents say it's 'never too early' 
Plans to fortify flour with folic acid to slash the risk of birth defects moves a step closer as Government announces consultation
'#getbacktowork!' Furious families and commuters vent their fury at half-term travel chaos sparked by the first of FIVE DAYS of rail strikes 
'Did I sleep through October and November?' This Morning viewers moan that the show's festive food taste test is 'WAY too early'
'Real men don't go into Victoria's Secret': Hilarious pictures show chaps shivering in the rain rather than join their other halves in underwear store
Proof humans ARE eating plastic: Experts find nine different types of microplastic in every sample taken from human guts with water bottles blamed as the source 
Why skinny people die of 'fat' diseases  - and fat people can be healthier than you think (it's all down to the body's inner-workings and a revolutionary blood test can determine YOUR risk)
Furious families are forced to EVACUATE their Persimmon new-build homes as experts warn the buildings might 'collapse in the wind'
Porn is as 'harmful as cigarettes' and must be treated as a major health crisis with new restrictions on social media, MPS warn 
Caterpillar fungus dubbed 'Himalayan Viagra' and worth more than its weight in gold could be killed off by climate change
BMW recalls 268k UK diesel cars over fire risk - is yours one of the 12 models affected?
'I've already won!': Defiant Tommy Robinson poses in front of thousands of supporters after hearing he faces further wait to learn if he will be jailed for contempt after filming Asian sex gang trial
Parents of girl, 15, who died after allergic reaction to Pret sandwich say stricter food labels could be in place by next summer after meeting Michael Gove about 'Natasha's law'
Hungry toddler tries to get milk from BRAS on sale in Walmart after making a beeline for the lingerie section
Three Tory MPs QUIT Commons group in protest at Speaker John Bercow's  chairmanship after damning report exposed toxic culture of bullying and sexual harassment in Parliament
Shankill Bomb remembered: Grieving relatives pay tribute to nine innocent victims including two children killed in IRA chip shop bombing 25 years ago
Mother of three, 35, texted her boyfriend saying 'Love you always my sexy man' then accidentally killed herself while pregnant with her fourth child by inhaling butane gas 
May WILL confront rebellious MPs who threatened to 'knife her' in high stakes 'show trial' tomorrow as fears of a coup mount 
Nobel Prize winners warn that a hard Brexit would 'seriously damage science research' in a letter to Theresa May
No deal Brexit will make fighting organised crime 'significantly' harder, police chief warns 
Tory MP Andrew Bridgen DENIES being behind furious anonymous quotes saying May should 'bring her own noose' to her 'show trial' 
Patients could have to stockpile their own drugs unless a Brexit deal is done by Christmas, health boss warns
TUI passengers 'were served warm, unrefrigerated ham sandwiches for breakfast and dinner on eight-hour flight from Cuba that had been stuffed into bin bags and left on floor next to mop'
Now THAT'S bad luck! From a broken bottle opener to ripping into a practically empty bag of crisps, people share snaps of the crushing moments that ruined their day
50,000 NATO troops converge on Norway in show of strength to Russia as biggest military exercises since the Cold War are set to kick off this week
Could the key to reversing climate change lie beneath the Antarctic? Scientists will drill 800ft deep holes in ice sheets to find a mystery 'detergent' that could clean the air of harmful greenhouse gases 
School 'put girl, 12, in isolation for wearing Nike trainers' even though she had a doctor's note because of infected toe 
Bollywood actress who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer while pregnant opens up about her 'horrific' battle to encourage other Asian women to get checked for the disease

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WWE Champion Roman Reigns shocks fans as he reveals he has leukemia... and relinquishes title on live television
Keeping it in the family! Lady Amelia Windsor reveals she uses the SAME hairdresser as Meghan - as she admits she suffers from 'comparison syndrome' on social media
Boris Johnson becomes the 44th Tory to join 'Stand Up 4 Brexit' campaign against May's Chequers plan - fuelling rumours there are almost the 48 MPs needed for a no confidence vote
'Something like this can never happen again': Saudi minister promises 'thorough and complete' probe into Khashoggi murder as Turkey's President Erdogan prepares to reveal 'naked truth'
Geoffrey Rush breaks down on the stand as he takes newspaper to court over its claims he was a 'sexual predator' who inappropriately touched a fellow actor
Female student is shot dead outside a dorm on the University of Utah campus by 'convicted sex offender'
From relaxed to regal! Meghan changes outfit in the AIR after swapping a casual shirt for an elegant Zimmermann dress en route to Fiji
London Zoo's fine for health and safety breaches that saw keeper fall from a ladder is cut from £300,000 to just £40,000 because it's a charity 
DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Saboteurs endangering our nation
Trump's treasury secretary meets Saudi Crown Prince for top level talks as president says he is STILL not satisfied with country's answers on Khashoggi
Reintroducing wild animals such as beavers and giant tortoises can 'help stop climate change', experts claim
Meghan has a Diana moment in semi-sheer linen dress
NHS hospitals need repairs costing £1billion to prevent risk to patients health, official figures show
Chancellor could avoid tax hikes to find extra cash in the Budget after Treasury 'underestimated tax receipts by £13billion' 
Cardigan or a pullover, what gets your vote? CRAIG BROWN imagines Theresa May answering all your travel questions in 'Ask Mrs May'
Police haven't caught a single 'county lines' drug dealer in city where hundreds of children are caught up in criminal gangs
Not emused! Tiny family dog takes issue with two metre tall emu using backyard sprinkler to beat the heat 
What links JFK and Elon Musk's cake? A: The trickiest quiz on TV - CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews Only Connect
Common operations including caesarean sections and hip replacements could become LETHAL due to growing resistance to antibiotics, health officials warn
'Focus on the prize': Theresa May issues rallying cry to Tory MPs she bids to quell Brexit rebellion - amid warnings it will be impossible to get legislation through Parliament even if a deal is done
In-law love murder: Slain midwife Samantha Eastwood 'always feared her brother-in-law would become violent if she exposed their affair' before he smothered her to death in an 'intense rage'
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are told it's 'inappropriate' to come to Fiji now over fears they could swing election
Sales of 70inch TVs, robot lawnmowers and white trainers are soaring - while shoppers shun alarm clocks and door knockers, John Lewis trends report shows
Horrified plane passenger shares her disgusting encounter with 'extremely forceful' man who stuck his 'Hobbit foot' on her armrest and repeatedly shut her window shade
The common ingredient in your cosmetics and hair care products causing dryness, sensitivity and accelerated ageing
Beckhams go wild! David and Victoria take the kids on abseiling and quadbike riding adventure through bushland in Glenworth Valley... as adoring staff member admits she's 'still shaking' after the encounter
Florence Pugh reveals there is a strict nudity ban in new BBC drama The Little Drummer Girl because 'America is quite scared of bums and nipples'
Patients who can't get an emergency dental appointment are regularly turning up to GP surgeries instead, major study finds 
Another reason to brush your teeth: Poor oral health increases blood pressure and negates benefits of medication to lower hypertension
How I cracked the case of my sleepless nights - by crime writer Nicci Gerrard
'The British are being told that this is authentic American fare!' US Twitter users are BAFFLED by 'disgusting' two-foot-long hot dog covered in mac and cheese that is being served at London NFL games
Bucket list update! The Scottish Highlands, America's Catskills region and Sri Lanka are named as the places you MUST visit in 2019 by the adventure experts at Lonely Planet
Could gravitational waves solve the 'holy grail' of astronomy? Researchers say they could reveal exactly how fast the universe is expanding
Man, 66, is pulled seriously injured from the rubble of his house after it exploded - and is then ARRESTED for causing criminal damage 'due to gas cylinders found in the wreckage' 
'I'm a wreck!' Viewers are left in tears as Ken, 87, explains to Lily, four, why a chick won't hatch from its egg as the children learn about life and death on Old People's Home for Four-Year-Olds
SECRETS OF AN A-LIST BODY: This week, how to get a waist like actress Keira Knightley
The chef who says you can eat to beat BRAIN CANCER: Protégé of Gordon Ramsay used high-fat, low-carb, no sugar diet to starve deadly tumour
Thomas Markle is spotted running errands in his Mexican hometown after revealing his elation at daughter Meghan's pregnancy news 
ASK THE GP: My doctor says my seven miscarriages are 'just one of those things' - is he right? Dr Martin Scurr answers your health questions 
When just sitting down can leave women in agony: It affects millions, but many are too embarrassed to seek help...
Shocking footage of two cops in Argentina are caught on video savagely beating down a 17-year-old suspected stealing a car with a 16-year-old at gunpoint
QUENTIN LETTS: Cue the Hitchcock music... so much around May is tense and murderous during these Brexit negotiations
The forbidden interracial marriage that survived the Civil War: Family photos detail the illegal affair between a Confederate soldier, 20, and a freed slave he met on a family friend's plantation when she was just 14
Gilberto Benetton, co-founder of his family's fashion empire who helped shape the company into one of Italy's biggest, dies aged 77
'Go into the middle. You'll find MS-13. You'll find Middle Easterners.' Trump ramps up rhetoric on 7,000-strong migrant caravan as it pushes further into Mexico
Is hard water to blame for giving babies eczema? That's the theory - and a simple water softener may be the solution
Trump warns Russia AND China that U.S. will keep building nuclear arsenal 'until people come to their senses' after suddenly pulling out of INF treaty
The Facebook founder exodus continues: Co-founder of Oculus quits four years after Mark Zuckerberg bought his VR firm for $2bn
Prosecutors seek fresh fraud charges against Barclays over a controversial £2.3bn rescue by the Qataris
Boko Haram jihadis 'burn houses' near Nigerian town of Chibok where militants kidnapped 276 schoolgirls  
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